Winning the lottery is just the beginning

58 Times a Pick 4 Winner: Virginia Player Pockets $290,000

When Eugene Johnson of Chesapeake, Virginia, played the Virginia Lottery’s Pick 4 game on April 8, he bought 58 plays, each with the same four-digit combination.

When that combination, 1-2-2-5, was drawn, all 58 of those tickets became winners. The prize for each winning ticket was $5,000, for a total of $290,000.

And that’s not all… This isn’t the first time he’s won several times in the same Pick 4 drawing.

Back in October 2011, he won Read more

Cashing Out: Connecticut Player Learns about $100,000 with Morning Coffee

The early bird may catch the worm, but lucky Ralph Landrette of Bristol, Conn., recently nabbed something just a little bit tastier.

“I was watching the 5 o’clock morning news on TV with a cup of coffee and my Cash5 tickets for the Sunday drawing.  I normally play my family’s birthday numbers, but (Sunday) I decided to get a ‘Quick Pick’ ticket, too,” Landrette said.  “When I saw my Quick Pick numbers go by on the news ticker…it was a shock!  I knew I won $100,000.”

“I always told my wife, ‘One of these day’s I’m going to hit the big one,’ but she Read more

Brunswick, Georgia MOM wins $1.5 Million, a JUMBO prize

It’s a sunny day in Brunswick, Georgia, for one lucky mother of two who won a mammoth prize playing the Georgia Lottery.

Patricia Vercillo, 42, won a $1.5 million top prize playing the instant game Jumbo Jumbo Bucks – Anniversary Edition.

“I was speechless, honestly,” Vercillo recalled upon winning her prize. “Everything has just come together, and everybody is truly happy for me.”

And here’s the kicker. I spent many months in Brunswick and nearby St. Simons. It’s a wonderful, small city. I am so happy for Patricia (note: I do not know her).

Supermarket Surprise: a $100,000 Top Prize

Simple gratitude does not begin to describe how Lucicleide Silva Delsignore, a construction entrepreneur, says she felt when she realized she’d won the top prize in the Virginia Lottery’s Cash 5  game.

“Prior to even checking the numbers, I just had a feeling that I had won something,” said Delsignore.  “Once I saw that I had matched the numbers, my husband read the rules 30 times just to make sure we had won $100 thousand.”

She purchased the ticket at a supermarket.

“I usually only play Mega Millions or Power Ball with numbers that are special to me but this time, I decided to play Cash 5 and let the computer pick the numbers for me, and I am so glad I did,” Delsignore said.

When she claimed her prize  she says she already knew exactly how she was going to spend her winnings.

“I want to help pay for my sister’s college, she was accepted to Harvard University and I want her to realize her dream of going to college.”

Gas Station Stop Yields $50,000 Win

At the break of dawn, Andrew Nadolny made a trip to a local gas station to pick up a pack of cigarettes for his wife, Marisol, along with one of her favorite Connecticut Lottery scratch games, Super Cashword.

Andrew, who had worked late the night before, took a little snooze while Marisol quietly played her ticket.

“I could hear her softly counting out loud the number of words she found,” Nadolny said later.

“When she was done, she asked me to check the ticket…I told her that I didn’t think that ‘AHA’ was really a word, but she was sure that it was.”

A quick trip back to the lottery retailer to scan the ticket in a Ticket Checker confirmed that “AHA” moment as a reality—the ticket was a $50,000 prize winner.  “Once we got back in the car we both just started screaming,” said Marisol with a laugh.

Instantly ….a $50,000 Winner in Iowa

In an effort to save 20 cents on a soda, a Granger, Iowa man went across the street to a different convenience store and the decision paid off.

Lloyd Moore purchased an “Instantly Rich” instant-scratch ticket with his soda, and ended up winning the sixth of 10 top prizes of $50,000 available in the game.

Moore said he dropped his wife off at a dentist appointment  and did some shopping while he waited.

“I just was thirsty and thought I’ll grab a pop and it just kind of ended up working out good.”

“Sometimes it pays to be a tight wad I guess,” he said. “Twenty cents is not a lot, but it just made the difference.”

Moore said he was in disbelief that he had won a $50,000 top prize until he received his check  at the Iowa Lottery’s headquarters in Des Moines.

“You have to keep looking at the ticket,” he said. “You think, ‘Well, the $50,000 was that above or below or off to the sides?’ You just have to keep looking and finally you say, ‘Well, that’s a winner!’”

Moore, who is retired, said he doesn’t yet have a plan for his lottery winnings.

Can You Always Trust People in Gambling?

Scams abound all around us.  They range from the simple to the complex yet they are all the same – they aim to fool someone and get money off of them.  In the world of lotto there are many scams that may just part you with your hard earned savings.  So if you are a lotto enthusiast, I suggest that you be careful in your dealings as you just might be scammed.  Here are some of the most common scams today.

This is very very common today, with people from all corners of the earth receiving e-mails almost on a daily basis.  The subject will usually be something about you winning a large amount of money in an African lottery.  It will then be from someone with an official sounding title.  So far so good, eh?  Well, here comes the scam.  In order for you to receive your winnings, you have to send them details about your bank account – essentially allowing the to draft all the money out of it.  Either that or they will ask you to wire money as the courier fee.  This can range from hundreds of pounds to a thousand or so.

Now before you get scammed, stop and think.  How could you have won in the Nigerian lottery in the first place?  Have you ever joined their lottery?  The simple truth is you cannot win if you didn’t join.  Period.  Now check their e-mail account.  It is probably yahoo or hotmail isn’t it?  Now why would a lottery use a free e-mail account?  Because it is virtually untraceable.

So whether it is the lottery, casino games or online poker……the facts remain that there will always be people out there that will stop at nothing in order to get your money. So always be on the lookout for scams and cheats and always look to watch your own back. I fly by the motto that if I am interested in something then I will seek out whatever information I need.

Anybody that contacts me and spams me has an almost zero chance of getting my attention and an absolute zero chance of getting my money.

Carl “The Dean” Sampson is a professional online poker player at

Nice Second Prize: $500,000

If you’d seen Wendy Querry when she discovered she’d won $500,000 in the Virginia Lottery, you probably wouldn’t have known it. Her immediate reaction was… silence.

“I didn’t tell anyone,” the Spring Grove woman said as she claimed her prize. “I haven’t shared it with anyone but my husband.”


It happened when she stopped for gas in Chester. She bought a 50X the Money ticket and scratched it right there in the store.


Querry actually won the second prize.

The top prize is $5 million. She is the first $500,000 winner to claim, which means the other three half-million-dollar tickets are still unclaimed.

Querry, who is an accounting technician, said she has no immediate plans for her winning

A Gamble Pays Off: Georgia Player Wins $150,000

One lucky Dallas, Georgia, man is excited over his heaping handful of winnings while celebrating the new year.

Alton Gamble, 59, played the instant game Giant Jumbo Bucks, winning a $150,000 top prize.

“I was shocked and in disbelief, actually,” he said.

With his wife Patricia, Gamble has no immediate plans for his winnings.

“We may do a little work on the house,” he shared.

Minnesotan Plays Lottery Bingo, Wins $141,145

Marcia Turner of Blaine, Minnesota, says she has been a huge fan of the lottery for years. She recently started playing the Lottery’s Progressive Print-N-Play game after a sales clerk at Neighbor Stop in Blaine recommended the game to her.

“I had never heard of it before, but I thought I should give it a try,” Turner explained. On the second Progressive Print-N-Play ticket that she purchased, a $3 Bingo ticket, Turner won a $141,145 jackpot.

“I didn’t know what to think,” she recalled after playing the ticket. “I had to go see if it was real or not.” Turner went back to to where she bought the ticket to have it scanned. Once her win was verified, Turner immediately called her daughter with the news.

Turner claimed her prize at Lottery headquarters in Roseville.

She said she is looking forward to buying a new car. “And then I’m going to Lambeau next year,” she added with a smile. It would be the first Packers game for the long-time fan.

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