Winning the lottery is just the beginning

Arrested for Fraud, New Hampshire Man was a Million Dollar Lottery Winner

He was a financial adviser who allegedly ripped off his customers. And, he was a lottery winner in 2005. Go figure. From the New Hampshire Union Leader, I learned this: Days after a Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, woman sought permission to subpoena Frederick “Rick” McMenimen’s bank records, the former Exeter financial adviser sought Chapter 7 […]

Updated Lottery Book Coming Out for Kindle Soon

I’m pretty excited about the update version of my LOTTERY book (see cover to the right) coming out soon as an ebook … and at a very very cheap price, so y’all can afford it. That’s right, save money, buy my book, and have plenty left over to play the lottery. The book, which  people […]

Does She or Doesn’t She? Maryland Woman Claims to Have One of the Three Mega Millions Tickets (Worth More than $200 Million). Now Says She has “Misplaced” it. Hmmmm

I knew something like this was bound to happen. From a report in the New York Post, a Maryland woman who works at a Baltimore-area McDonald’s said she has one of three winning Mega Millions lottery tickets after the big $640 million Mar. 30 drawing. According to the Post, Mirlande Wilson, 37, bought the winning […]

Shameless Promotion: My Book (to the Right) a Cool Christmas Gift

OK…I’ve refrained from promoting myself, and it might even be too late for you to get my book in time for the Christmas holiday, but really…. I  wrote the book for you viewers. I was in the lottery business for more than 10 years. I still do work for a few of them, essentially, talking […]

Customer Service Employee in Cincinnati, Ohio Charged with Stealing Lottery Tickets Worth $530,000 (Did She Think She’d Get Away with It?)

This is one of those curious stories you run across every once in a while. I mean, when one of your jobs is to sell lottery tickets, and you steal more than half a million tickets, do you really think no one will ever notice? Uh. Duh. One of Deborah Strong’s duties as a Kroger […]

Lottery Winners: Check Your Tickets; Sign the Back of Your Tickets

Jackpot and lottery winners: Did any of you happen to catch the report on Aug. 2’s DATELINE TV program about a lottery scam pulled off by a lottery clerk? It may have been news to the TV audience, but I’ve been talking about it for years. Briefly, California man matched 5 of 6 numbers playing […]

In Colorado, Warnings Out About Lottery Mail Scams

The Colorado Lottery is warning consumers to steer clear of a new Lottery scam that promises $85,000 in easy cash. That’s a first clue. Folks, there ain’t no easy cash in the lottery business. The scammers (using Colorado Lottery logos and a Denver mailing address) are contacting consumers through the mail, informing them that they¹ve […]

A New Lottery Book is Released, “Lottery: A Guide to American Lotteries”

My newest book has just been released, and I’m proud of it because it’s not your run-of-the-mill lottery books. 99 percent of lottery books (and there are a fair number of them) fall into two categories. One, and by far the largest, are systems books. Lottery wheels, how to win, etc. The other, smaller category, […]

“Lottery: A Guide to American Lotteries” on Sale This Week

My third book, Lottery: A Guide to American Lotteries, will be released sometime this week and I’m pretty excited about it. Subtitle is, How to Play, Strategies and Stories of Winners. It’s available at amazon and barnes and noble online and in store. It’s kind of an everything-you-wanted to know about lotteries book. If you […]

A Lottery System that Works? Or Just Plain Luck? A Strange Story in Colorado

In my Internet meanderings, I came across a report from a Colorado TV station (channel 9) about a repeat winner who claims to play a winning system. Now, we all know that systems don’t work. If they did, lotteries wouldn’t be the billion dollar business they are. But what if someone actually devised a winning […]

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