Winning the lottery is just the beginning

A Shameless Plug: My e-Book Due Out Soon (for Kindle)

OK…I know a lot of you will think me shameless. But hell…I put a lot of work into my updated version of LOTTERY….(see photo to right)…new stories, updated games…even some European news and winner stories. My goal in this is to entertain and inspire you. I am NOT ripping you off. I won’t tell you […]

Arrested for Fraud, New Hampshire Man was a Million Dollar Lottery Winner

He was a financial adviser who allegedly ripped off his customers. And, he was a lottery winner in 2005. Go figure. From the New Hampshire Union Leader, I learned this: Days after a Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, woman sought permission to subpoena Frederick “Rick” McMenimen’s bank records, the former Exeter financial adviser sought Chapter 7 […]

Updated Lottery Book Coming Out for Kindle Soon

I’m pretty excited about the update version of my LOTTERY book (see cover to the right) coming out soon as an ebook … and at a very very cheap price, so y’all can afford it. That’s right, save money, buy my book, and have plenty left over to play the lottery. The book, which  people […]

Lottery strategy tips: Playing the highs…and the lows

Here is what I have learned: take the total amount of numbers  in your lottery field. Say, 60. Divide in half. Now you have highs and lows. Statisticians have figured out that only 2 percent of the time are all six numbers from highs or lows. Numbers generally spread out. You say you already know […]

Lottery Playing Tips (the Series Continues): Playing Cold Numbers

More today for those who have been emailing me, asking for some play tips. Fine. But I always tell people that these tips give you a slight edge in play but by no means do they guarantee a win. Only being lucky helps you win. OK? I have a friend who believes that eventually, given […]

Powerball Dos…and Don’ts…..Some Questions Answered

I have been asked all kinds of questions about lotteries over the years and one of the most frequent (and easy to answer)…is how to cash out. So I went to someone I knew at the Powerball headquarters and asked the same question. Most players, by the way, know all this (so forgive me if […]

Lottery Jackpots Around the World: Top 10

Here are the top 10 jackpots currently in play: 1. $102 million, Mega Millions, next drawing is 5/1 2. $50 million Canadian ($50.3 in USD), Lotto Max, next draw 5/4 3. $50 million, Powerball, 5/2 4. $25 million, Lotto Texas, 5/2 5. 15 million euros, about $19.8 million U.S. dollars, Euro Millions, 5/1 6. $14.2 […]

Lottery Jackpots Around the World: Top 10 (plus 1)

Here are the top 10 jackpots (plus one) around the world. Wherever you live, there is a lot of money out there to be won. All amounts in U.S. dollars except where noted. 1. $173 million, Powerball, next draw April 25 2. $76 million, Mega Millions, April 24 3. 32 million euros (about $42.3 million […]

Iraqi War Veteran Wins $100,000

Some people say Friday the 13th  is unlucky. Kenneth Lebeda of Cassoplis, Mich., disagrees.  He has $100,000 that says it is, in fact, a very lucky day. Lebeda was on his way to Milan, Ind., with his fiancé, April Fester, when they stopped for lunch at a McDonald’s in Peru, Indiana.  While there, Lebeda purchased […]

Lottery Jackpots Around the World: Top 10

OK, I’ve had tons of people asking me to do a Top 10 list on a weekly basis, so how about this? Every Monday morning (U.S. time, east coast), I’ll put out a top 10, including the date of the next draw. You speak, I listen. Now all I am asking is that you win […]

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