Winning the lottery is just the beginning

The Name Game: Oprah Winfrey’s “Lucky” Numbers

Let’s have some fun with Oprah, the richest woman in show business. I like Oprah. Even watch her new network, OWN, on occasion. So can her power rub off? Let’s play a number game with her name OK? OPRAH WINFREY Here are her lucky numbers and why: 2, 4,6,8,9,10,17,23,31,46 Why: 2: Oprah’s age at her […]

Lottery strategy tips: Playing the highs…and the lows

Here is what I have learned: take the total amount of numbers  in your lottery field. Say, 60. Divide in half. Now you have highs and lows. Statisticians have figured out that only 2 percent of the time are all six numbers from highs or lows. Numbers generally spread out. You say you already know […]

New Yorker’s Visit to Her Father in North Carolina Results in $203,000 Win

Earlier this month, Desire Kilmer of Cottekill, New York came to Wake County, New York,  to visit her father. Before heading back to the Empire State, she bought a $1 Carolina Cash 5 ticket at the Variety Pic-Up on N.C. 97 in Wendell. Kilmer didn’t think about the ticket again until a week later when […]

WINNER, WINNER, WINNER: Ohio Mega Millions Player is Winner of $99 Million

Somewhere in the midwest, an Ohio Lottery player (or players, if it is a pool) has a Mega Millions ticket worth a pretty cool $99 million. The Aug. 5 Mega Millions draw produced one winning ticket, the Ohio ticket. The winning numbers are 6, 24,28,33,42 and Mega ball 19. So check your tickets. And we’ll […]

Virginia Lottery Player Can “Remodel” His Life, Thanks to $100,000 Win

William Shellnutt, 20,  said he plays the Virginia Lottery’s Cash 5 game because of the odds. Now he has a new reason to like it. He actually won. Shellnutt, of South Riding,  matched all five numbers in an early July  Cash 5 day drawing to win the game’s top prize

$100,000 Winning Numbers Come to CT Lottery Player in a Dream

  Many people have favorite lottery numbers that they like to play and quite often, those numbers are found in the most common places—license plate numbers, phone numbers, flight numbers, even in the price to fill up your car at the gas pump.

Do Quick Pick Numbers Win More than Playing Your Favorite Lucky Numbers? An Expert Speaks Out

In my book (and in frequent postings) I talk about whether quick picks pull in more winners than playing favorite numbers. Theoretically it should make no difference. One set of numbers has the same odds of being picked as any other. That’s mathematics. But the empirical evidence shows otherwise

Two for the Money: Georgia Player Wins $1,000,000 Two Years After Winning $500,000

A Metter, Georgia  man was grabbing his morning cup of joe when he was jolted by more than the java. Andrew Jones, 63, won a $1 million prize playing the Georgia Lottery instant game Maximum Green. This is the second big win for Jones, who won $500,000 playing the instant game Jumbo Jumbo Bucks in […]

Twice is Nice; Pennsylvania Man Defies the Odds. Wins $60,000 Playing a Scratch Game, Then $1.2 Million Three Weeks Later Playing the State’s Cash 5 Game

The odds of winning a top prize in any Pennsylvania Lottery game are pretty astronomical. I should know. I live in the state and play all the time. So whenever I hear about someone defying those long odds, I think it’s something you all should know about. To those of you who have won big […]

Jackpot Winner Alert: $133 Million “Mega Millions” Top Prizewinner Bought Ticket in California

California dreaming? Someone’s life is about to change for the better. And it’s no dream. One ticket holder with a ticket bought in California has won $133 million. It could be one person. Or, it could be a lottery pool. We’ll soon find out. And I’ll let you know. The winning numbers, if you happen […]

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