Winning the lottery is just the beginning

Thank You, and Merry Christmas to You All

To all of you who bought my updated ebook on the lottery…thank you and I hope you enjoy it on your Kindle. Apologies to those of you who only have an iPad (well…I’m glad you have an iPad because they are cool)…and can’t get the book. Yet. The holiday season has been a crazy time […]

Shout Out to….

I wanted to thank a few folks who emailed me and said they had bought my KINDLE updated book about Lottery Winners… Out of respect their privacy…I won’t publish their names but I did want to thank them in this public way: Thank you Jordy G., Brett N., Frank W., Lilly S. and Marilyn M. […]

A Shameless Plug: My e-Book Due Out Soon (for Kindle)

OK…I know a lot of you will think me shameless. But hell…I put a lot of work into my updated version of LOTTERY….(see photo to right)…new stories, updated games…even some European news and winner stories. My goal in this is to entertain and inspire you. I am NOT ripping you off. I won’t tell you […]

Updated Lottery Book Coming Out for Kindle Soon

I’m pretty excited about the update version of my LOTTERY book (see cover to the right) coming out soon as an ebook … and at a very very cheap price, so y’all can afford it. That’s right, save money, buy my book, and have plenty left over to play the lottery. The book, which  people […]

Lottery Playing Tips: Avoid Combinations

I’ve written two books on the lottery (writing a third ebook) so people are always asking me for tips. Unlike many other lottery book “How to Win” authors, which I am NOT, I tell people all I have are some tips that might improve your odds slight. What you need most is luck. Lotsa luck. […]

Big Changes Coming to America’s Powerball Game at Turn of the Year

If you’re a Powerball freak, as I am…be prepared. Be very very prepared. On Jan. 15, 2012, the multistate game will get a facelift, including a starting jackpot that doubles to $40 million, better odds of winning and a $1 million match-5 prize. In order to provide these game enhancements, the cost of a ticket […]

When Does 20 Equal 100,000? In Iowa, it’s When a Madrid Man Played (and Won) Triple Platinum 777 Scratch Game

Above, is the portrait of a very happy man. You would be too, if you laid out $20 for two “Triple Platinum 777” scratch tickets, and won $100,000. He never dreamed one of those would reveal a $100,000 top prize. Lane Shaver, 56, happens to live near the Market of Madrid, Iowa, where he purchased […]

You Live in Minnesota? You’re Out of Lotto Luck. State Lottery Shuts Down, Along with Government

I can tell you this. There were no Powerball or Mega Millions winners in Minnesota this past July 1 or 2. Because the lottery has been shut down. It’s the budget impasse, of course, that has closed down the state government. Period. Many state services ceased operations Friday. The Lottery closed all its offices 5 […]

Lucky Charms: I Don’t Believe in Them, And Yet I Always Scratch With My “Lucky” Kennedy Dollar Coin

Do you believe in lucky charms? I always say I don’t, and yet when I scratch, I like to scratch with my lucky Kennedy dollar. Am I a hypocrite? Hell yeah.

Shameless Promotion: My Book (to the Right) a Cool Christmas Gift

OK…I’ve refrained from promoting myself, and it might even be too late for you to get my book in time for the Christmas holiday, but really…. I  wrote the book for you viewers. I was in the lottery business for more than 10 years. I still do work for a few of them, essentially, talking […]

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