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$636 MILLION Mega Millions Jackpot split between winning tickets in GA and California

12/17/13 Winning Numbers: 08  14  17  20  39 Megaball: 07  Megaplier: 04 Two winning jackpot tickets1 California and 1 Georgia 0 PA winners, jackpot rolls to $15,000,000.00 0 PA players matched 5 of 5, each receiving $1,000,000.00 20 PA players matched 4 of 5 and the Mega Ball, each receiving $5,000.00 312 PA players matched 4 of 5, each receiving […]

My Updated Lottery Book on Sale Now, as an ebook for KINDLE

OK, shameless promotion time. My lottery book (as seen to the right)…. was first published in 2009 and featured a lot of stories about winners, lotteries in the movies, TV…history of the lotteries, how to play. I decided to update the  book with NEW stories and do it as an ebook and sell it very […]

Updated Lottery Book Coming Out for Kindle Soon

I’m pretty excited about the update version of my LOTTERY book (see cover to the right) coming out soon as an ebook … and at a very very cheap price, so y’all can afford it. That’s right, save money, buy my book, and have plenty left over to play the lottery. The book, which  people […]

Taking It to the Max in New Haven, Couple Win $2,000,000

Lets hear it for Wallingford, Connecticut couple Kim and Robert Fetera, who were richly rewardedwith a super-sized prize of a lifetime when they officially claimed their Max a Millions nstant game ticket with a matching pair of 55’s revealing one of the game’s $2,000,000 top prizes. Raj Krishna, store manager for Aircraft Package Store in […]

Hunting for Treasure Pays Off For Pennsylvania Player: Wins $136,000

Linda Hoczok of West Chester, Chester County, Pennslvania,won more than $136,000 playing Treasure Hunt. Linda was outside cleaning off her car after a light snow storm came through, while her mother was indoors checking the winning numbers on the computer. Her mother yelled outside, “Linda, you got it!” Linda threw her broom in the air […]

Italy’s SuperEnalotto Lottery is a Game on a Par with Euro Millions, Mega Millions and Powerball; So Give it a Shot

Those of you who follow these postings on a regular basis know that I am fascinated by the great Italian lottery game, SuperEnalotto, which I played a few years ago, while visiting Rome. It’s a lottery to die for. Big odds. Huge jackpots. Yet, many people OUTSIDE of Italy, don’t know much about this game […]

Holy Cow! Two Mega Millions Winners Split $355 MIllion Jackpot; If You Live in Idaho and Washington State, Check Your Tickets. You Could Be Very, Very Rich

Holy Moses. There were two jackpot winners in the Dec. 4 Mega Millions lottery game and those tickets were bought in Idaho and Washington State. I’ll let you know more when they come forward. My hope is that they put the money to good use. Help their family and help others. This country needs people […]

Italian SuperEnalotto Jackpot Just Keeps on Growing, up to $89,000,000 in U.S.D. (64 million euros)

I love keeping track of this game…and playing it as an online lottery game…. The Italian SuperEnaLotto draws three times a week and I play it whenever I can, putting out a few euros once a week. Tuesday’s draw produced no top winner so the Thursday jackpot rolls to about 64 million euros, translated to […]

Lottery Jackpots Around the World: Powerball Tops $100 Million; Italian Superenalotto Finally Has Winner, One Ticket Worth 177,729,043 Euros!

Big weekend around the world. After months of draws (three a week) there was ONE lucky winning ticket in the Italian Superenalotto game. Winning numbers were 4,26,40,54,55,67 and Jolly ball 41. There was also a $140 million Mega Millions winner in the U.S. state of Michigan. Congratulations. Now for the rest of us who play, […]

Lottery Online? You Can Do It in New Hampshire Now!

From news sources, I have learned that gamblers will be able to buy lottery tickets in New Hampshire next week to play online — a move seen by some as an expansion of the kind of gambling that state lawmakers oppose. But not me. PlayNowNH interactive games go on sale July 1. New Jersey tried something like […]

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