Winning the lottery is just the beginning

World’s Biggest Slot Machine Wins

Embed from Getty Images A staple of casino floors, pubs and bars, the humble slot machine can bring light entertainment to an evening, or complete change the world around its player. We take a look at some of the most insane slot games wins in history, and the stories behind the players. Georgios M $8,600,000 […]

Quick Stop, Pure Gold, Quick Cash ($325,000) in Georgia

Dawn Wood of Milledgeville, Georgia, is in shipshape condition after playing a Georgia Lottery instant ticket game. Wood, 47, won a $325,000 top prize playing the Gold scratcher. Wood said that she had just gotten off of work and stopped to refuel on gas when she unexpectedly won. “I scratched the ticket, and it said […]

What sort of jewelry would you buy if you won the lottery?

Embed from Getty Images Imagine that your girlfriend or wife or both love jewelry. What women don’t? Now imagine winning a few hundred million in a lottery and being able to purchase some high-end jewelry for these women. Pure joy! Whether they’re being featured in Hollywood blockbusters, online slots, or history’s most famous paintings, high-end […]

Is It Best To Win X?

There is more than one way to win the lottery. Of course you can buy a lottery ticket. But you can also be born with amazing talent and then show that talent on a show such as the XFactor. Since 2004 many contestants, who were just your average Joe’s, have become mega superstars. In a […]

Mega Millions Quick Pick Yields $7.5 Million for Retiree

Christina Ford of Dallas, Ga. came forward today as the winner of Georgia’s unclaimed $7,500,000 Mega Millions prize. She was one of two winners to split a $15 million jackpot July 22. Winning numbers for the July 22 Mega Millions drawing were: 8-24-25-26-30, and the Mega Ball was 7. Ford played using the Quik Pik […]

Is On-line Sports Betting Safe?

Before the advent of the internet most bets were made in person. While it was nowhere as convenient as it is today there were advantages. You could, for example, ascertain that the bookie had an actual shop and wasn’t, in fact, a 300 lbs Russian man, in a bedsit, trying to con you. The punter […]

In U.S. Games This Week, Powerball Tops $200 Million; Mega Millions Clears $100 Million

We’re on another double run, folks. Powerball this Wednesday at 11 a.m. E.T. tops $200 million as a jackpot. Mega Millions has run up to more than $100 million in Tuesday night’s game. Are you ready to take a chance? Odds for both games ridiculous. Crazy. But you know what? Someone somewhere always eventually wins. […]

California Player Has the “Power”: Wins $785,000

As she scanned a handful of California Scratchers® tickets in late July, it wasn’t looking good for Denice Harvey – literally! “I’m blind, I can barely see,” the Manteca resident said half-jokingly with a laugh. “I was scanning my [tickets] and I kept seeing, ‘Sorry not a winner.’ But then I got to my [Powerball] […]

Florida Resident Visits Friend in Virginia, Wins $100,000

While Brenda Volpe of Jacksonville, Florida, was visiting friends in Virginia, one of them had some sound advice: “Gas is cheap in Virginia. You need to buy gas here.” So Ms. Volpe stopped at Kangaroo Express on Major Graham Road in Max Meadows, along Interstate 81. Not only did she buy some of that cheap […]

Which Lottery Around the World is the Best?

I generally don’t like to run press releases…but I found this one fascinating. What do YOU think here in the USA? As the internet continues to make the world a smaller place, there are now plenty of sites which allow us to play on other lotteries around the world. But which one is best? Which […]

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