Winning the lottery is just the beginning

Trust in Gambling is Hard to Come by

Scams abound all around us.  They range from the simple to the complex yet they are all the same – they aim to fool someone and get money off of them.  In the world of lotto there are many scams that may just part you with your hard earned savings.  So if you are a […]

Hot off the Press: Minnesotan Claims $2.61 Million Hot Lotto Jackpot

You always hope, but you never expect to win,” said Sandy Conrad as her husband, Don Conrad of Grand Rapids, claimed a Hot Lotto jackpot worth $2.61 million. “I always buy a ticket,” said Sandy. “I didn’t think much about it. When I went to work, somebody said, ‘Someone in Itasca County won Hot Lotto!’ […]

$3 Well Spent in Missouri; Man Parlays That into $55,558 Top Lottery Scratch Game Prize

Gary Parks of Joplin, Missouri, deemed an instant ticket purchase as “the best $3 I’ve ever spent.” The 65-year-old won a $55,558 top prize on a “5 Times Bingo” Scratchers game the day after Christmas. Happy holidays indeed. “I went to get some refreshments before the Falcons and Saints football game,” Parks recalled, referring to […]

A Con to Watch Out For. Case Study in New York: Con Man is Conned by Cops; Caught After Forging $30,000 in Lottery Ticket Scam.

Here’s a scam you should watch for. It happened last year and the con man was sentenced in December. Queens, New York District Attorney Richard A. Brown and New York Lottery Director Gordon Medenica nabbed  a Far Rockaway man who defrauded several individuals around the state out of large sums of money by creating phony […]

Lottery Winners: Check Your Tickets; Sign the Back of Your Tickets

Jackpot and lottery winners: Did any of you happen to catch the report on Aug. 2’s DATELINE TV program about a lottery scam pulled off by a lottery clerk? It may have been news to the TV audience, but I’ve been talking about it for years. Briefly, California man matched 5 of 6 numbers playing […]

What’s Luck Got to Do With It? Plenty. New York Lottery Mega Millions $133 Million-Winning Ticket is a Quick Pick

I lived in Queens once, so I’m pretty happy to report that the latest Mega Millions winner bought their ticket in that most excellent borough of New York. It was a quick pick. That’s right: a freaking computer gave someone $133 million. Talk about just rewards. Someone had that luckiest of all days ever. Isn’t […]

Indiana Lottey Player Cleans Up With $500,000 Win

Kimberly Roach of Indianapolis had tears streaming down her face. But, they were tears of joy. “I’ll probably cry for the next month,” said Roach. “This will change my life.” Roach claimed $500,000 (half a million dollars) from Hoosier Lottery Headquarters in Indianapolis with her daughter, her brother Todd and her boyfriend Rob Bowman. “The first […]

A Lottery System that Works? Or Just Plain Luck? A Strange Story in Colorado

In my Internet meanderings, I came across a report from a Colorado TV station (channel 9) about a repeat winner who claims to play a winning system. Now, we all know that systems don’t work. If they did, lotteries wouldn’t be the billion dollar business they are. But what if someone actually devised a winning […]

Watch Out: Lottery Scam Rears its Head in New Jersey

Let me warn you straight on. No matter where you live. Don’t buy or play lotteries through the mail. Don’t pay attention to unsolicited letters telling you that you’ve won an overseas … or even Canadian Lottery. If you live in Europe the same thing holds. Watch out for unsolicited letters saying you’ve won something. […]

Israeli Lottery Scam Artists Arrested: They Cheated New Yorkers Out of $2 Million

A criminal ring located in Tel Aviv that targeted U.S. senior citizens in a telemarketing lottery scam was broken up last Friday by Israeli police, assisted by U.S. agents, reported the Jerusalem Post newspaper. According to police records, the Israelis conned mainly New York seniors out of more than $2 million. The crooks worked out […]

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