Winning the lottery is just the beginning

Mega Millions Quick Pick Yields $7.5 Million for Retiree

Christina Ford of Dallas, Ga. came forward today as the winner of Georgia’s unclaimed $7,500,000 Mega Millions prize. She was one of two winners to split a $15 million jackpot July 22. Winning numbers for the July 22 Mega Millions drawing were: 8-24-25-26-30, and the Mega Ball was 7. Ford played using the Quik Pik […]

Is On-line Sports Betting Safe?

Before the advent of the internet most bets were made in person. While it was nowhere as convenient as it is today there were advantages. You could, for example, ascertain that the bookie had an actual shop and wasn’t, in fact, a 300 lbs Russian man, in a bedsit, trying to con you. The punter […]

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