Winning the lottery is just the beginning

California Player Has the “Power”: Wins $785,000

As she scanned a handful of California Scratchers® tickets in late July, it wasn’t looking good for Denice Harvey – literally! “I’m blind, I can barely see,” the Manteca resident said half-jokingly with a laugh.

“I was scanning my [tickets] and I kept seeing, ‘Sorry not a winner.’ But then I got to my [Powerball] ticket [from the July 30 draw]…”

Harvey could tell the wording on the Check-A-Ticket screen for that Powerball ticket looked different than the others. So she asked a clerk at the convenience store in Oakdale (where she stopped for a cup of coffee) to please have a look. “I was telling him that I think I won a dollar. So he [scanned it] and his eyes got humongous! He came around [the counter] and picked me up and hugged me and said I won 785-thousand dollars!”

Evidently Harvey’s ears aren’t quite as good as they used to be either! “I thought he said I won 785 dollars! Hey, I was [still] happy but he said, ‘No! 785-thousand dollars!’ My legs went limp and here I am. I can’t even win a bar of soap at a freaking baby shower,” the 58-year-old mother of eight admitted with a laugh.

Harvey bought three Powerball Quick Pick® lines for the July 30 draw. One of them ended up matching five of the six numbers (11-17-21-23-32), missing only the Powerball number 5! Just like that, Harvey won $785,065 before federal taxes (she split the 5/5 prize amount of $2,355,195 with two other California players who bought winning tickets in Long Beach and Sunnyvale).

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