Winning the lottery is just the beginning

Florida Resident Visits Friend in Virginia, Wins $100,000

While Brenda Volpe of Jacksonville, Florida, was visiting friends in Virginia, one of them had some sound advice:

“Gas is cheap in Virginia. You need to buy gas here.”

So Ms. Volpe stopped at Kangaroo Express on Major Graham Road in Max Meadows, along Interstate 81. Not only did she buy some of that cheap gas, but she also played the Virginia Lottery’s Cash 5 game.

Her ticket ended up matching all five numbers to win $100,000

“It’s the best vacation I ever took!” she said as she claimed her prize.

Ms. Volpe won the game’s top prize in the August 12 night drawing. The winning numbers were 3-16-23-30-31. She used Easy Pick and allowed the computer to randomly select the numbers on her ticket.

When asked how she feels about Virginia now, the small business owner replied, “It’s really nice. I might come back more often!”

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