Winning the lottery is just the beginning

$1 Million Makes Retirement a Lot Easier, Connecticut Winner Says

When Edward “Eddy” Casper of New London visited CT Lottery headquarters he joined Connecticut’s growing list of lucky Powerball “Match 5” winners, increasing the total number of lucky wins to 17 since the new Powerball game began on January 15, 2012—13. Accepting a prize check for $683,000 (value after taxes), Casper said that winning a […]

The Irish Lottery

There is, in the lottery world a pantheon of games around the world that instantly draw attention and money. Among those, certainly, is Powerball and Mega Millions in America, El Gordo, in Spain, Euro Millions, and the Irish lottery. As someone who is interested in all of those amazingly popular big money games, I’m happy […]

Poker Variance and Weidness

Playing poker for the first time is a marvelous—if somewhat intimidating—experience for many a beginner. There are even poker veterans who have not yet gotten used to the carnival of weirdness that the poker table attracts on a daily basis. The reason for this is because poker nowadays has become less of a niche game […]

What a Way to Celebrate a Birthday: With Two Big Wins, Including a Million Dollars

One Moultrie. Georgia man has struck a wave of good luck with two  Lottery prizes in the same day. Donald Reeves first won a $500 prize followed by a $1 million prize while playing the new instant game Georgia Lottery’s 20th Anniversary Extravaganza.   “I just took a chance,” said Reeves, who celebrates a birthday […]

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