Winning the lottery is just the beginning

“Pearls” of Wisdom? Given wrong scratch card by mistake, player wins $30,000

While making a stop at a local package store, Bobby Stanley of Ansonia, Connecticut, asked to buy a couple of new $2 “PLATINUM” instant game tickets.

By mistake, Stanley was handed two $3 “PEARLS” tickets, which he ultimately decided to keep.

Stanley tucked the tickets in his back pocket and didn’t look at them again until he later arrived at work.  “When I played the ticket, I didn’t notice at first that I had a number match,” Stanley told Lottery officials.  I kept looking at the ticket until finally it registered—I had a match—and the prize was $30,000.”

Smiling from ear to ear, Stanley happily accepted his prize check $20,490 (after taxes).

“I’m still shocked.  I still can’t believe it,” Stanley said.

Stanley plans to give the entire $30,000 top prize to the apple of his eye—his beautiful daughter.

“My daughter is my life.  All of this will go to her college education fund.”

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