Winning the lottery is just the beginning

$2 Million Winner, Taking Winning Calmly (Would You?)

Tawanna Turner of Hartsdale, Westchester CountyNew York  plays Powerball every week and opts for the Power Play option that would increase her prize amount should she hit a winning combination. She did just that, recently. Turner hit a life changing combination from the December 22 drawing when she matched the first five numbers from that […]

Oh Happy Days: Tax Free Winner Does the Jig

A Thomasville man is celebrating his birthday with a big prize from the Georgia Lottery. Wayne Sheets played the instant game $3,000,000 Taxes Paid and won a top prize of $3 million, taxes paid. Sheets, an avid gardener, plans to purchase a farm with his winnings. “I’ll grow organic vegetables and raise free range turkeys […]

Cashing In: Connecticut Player Plows in $100,0000 Top Prize

While New Englanders prepare for Friday’s blizzardy snowstorm, Public Works Department employee, Allan Pelletier of Colchester, expects he’ll be busy plowing in the days ahead. Happily, while spending many long hours behind the wheel of his truck, Pelletier will have a sunny, fun-filled Florida vacation to look forward to with his family—thanks to winning the […]

Let the celebration begin (and continue): Georgia man wins $285,908

A Monroe County, Georgia man is still celebrating a win these days. Hiram Davis of Juliette, matched all five numbers from the Jan. 16 Fantasy 5 drawing, winning the $285,908 jackpot prize. “I remembered that I bought a ticket,” he explained. “I looked in my billfold and checked the numbers while I was at the […]

“Pearls” of Wisdom? Given wrong scratch card by mistake, player wins $30,000

While making a stop at a local package store, Bobby Stanley of Ansonia, Connecticut, asked to buy a couple of new $2 “PLATINUM” instant game tickets. By mistake, Stanley was handed two $3 “PEARLS” tickets, which he ultimately decided to keep. Stanley tucked the tickets in his back pocket and didn’t look at them again […]

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