Winning the lottery is just the beginning

Construction Worker Ready to Build a New Life After $50 Million Win


When I heard that someone had won a $50 million Mega Millions jackpot in Thomasville, Georgia, I thought, “Hey, I have some good friends there…about the same age as the winner (55).”

But, alas, it was not to be. Sorry Jim.

I do, however, rejoice in the good fortune of the winner, a 55-year-old Thomasville construction worker.

“Honey, we won the lotto!” iss what Zippy Vonier, 55, announced to his wife Wednesday morning after discovering that he won $50 million.

“My wife was brushing her teeth, and I told her to come in and sit down,” said Vonier, a Thomasville resident. “She was just kind of shocked.”

The jackpot increased from an advertised $49 million to $50 million after final sales were tallied. Vonier selected the cash option and will receive $38,197,097 before taxes.

Vonier bought the jackpot-winning ticket in Thomasville.

“We got the numbers from a random Quik Pik years ago, and we just kept playing the same numbers,” Vonier explained.

Vonier and his wife, Betty Jo, have two children and three grandchildren. The construction worker said the family will pay bills then take their time deciding the next step.

“We’re not going to do much right now,” he said. “Just sit back and weigh our options.”

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