Winning the lottery is just the beginning

My Updated Lottery Book on Sale Now, as an ebook for KINDLE

OK, shameless promotion time. My lottery book (as seen to the right)…. was first published in 2009 and featured a lot of stories about winners, lotteries in the movies, TV…history of the lotteries, how to play. I decided to update the  book with NEW stories and do it as an ebook and sell it very […]

Floridian Crosses Over, Wins $500,000 Georgia Lottery Game

A gas stop in Bainbridge, Georgia, has marked a half-million dollar win for one lucky lady. Ollie Slater of Altoona, Fla., played the Georgia Lottery instant game Black Pearls and won a $500,000 top prize. “It’s something we’ll never forget,” said Slater, referring to herself and her husband, Jim. While visiting family  Slater stopped for […]

“Do Gooder” is Rewarded, Metaphysically (and Financially), by the Lottery

Did you see this item on the CBS newscast? It really is a heart warming story so I thought I’d pass it along because in a sense that is what this site is about. Good things about the lottery. Winners. While most people are frustrated by the problems created by Superstorm Sandy, one volunteer had […]

Student Uses Lottery Win to Fix Classic Car

Full time college student, Alan Garcia of Bridgeport, Connecticut, has a real penchant for working on old cars.  Last Saturday, Garcia stopped for a fill up and purchased a CT Lottery CashWord instant game ticket. Later, Garcia scratched 20 of the corresponding letters on his Cashword puzzle, uncovering a total of ten words for a […]

If You Won $100,000 Would You Pass Out? Virginia Player Almost Does (Bless Her Heart)

When Shirley Gagliardi walked into the Virginia Lottery’s customer service center in Hampton holding a 10X the Money ticket, she had just one request: “Take this ticket before I pass out!” She had good reason. The ticket in her hand was a top-prize winner worth $100,000. You might pass out too. I know I would. […]

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