Winning the lottery is just the beginning

Second Place? That’s OK with $1,000,000 Georgia Lottery Winner

A manager for a data company in Georgia has accessed control of an exciting prize from the  Lottery. Hugh Allen Hamley of Hoschton won a $1 million prize from being selected as the winner from the Super Millions Second Chance Drawing. “I’m a big fan of that ticket,” explained Hamley, 55. “I’ve won a large […]

Taking It to the Max in New Haven, Couple Win $2,000,000

Lets hear it for Wallingford, Connecticut couple Kim and Robert Fetera, who were richly rewardedwith a super-sized prize of a lifetime when they officially claimed their Max a Millions nstant game ticket with a matching pair of 55’s revealing one of the game’s $2,000,000 top prizes. Raj Krishna, store manager for Aircraft Package Store in […]

Lottery strategy tips: Playing the highs…and the lows

Here is what I have learned: take the total amount of numbers  in your lottery field. Say, 60. Divide in half. Now you have highs and lows. Statisticians have figured out that only 2 percent of the time are all six numbers from highs or lows. Numbers generally spread out. You say you already know […]

Lottery Playing Tips (the Series Continues): Playing Cold Numbers

More today for those who have been emailing me, asking for some play tips. Fine. But I always tell people that these tips give you a slight edge in play but by no means do they guarantee a win. Only being lucky helps you win. OK? I have a friend who believes that eventually, given […]

Music to His Ears: UK Winner of $232 Million (in UK pounds, 148 Million) Takes a Trip With Family to Celebrate (and Don’t Bother Him)

From my good buddy, Loretta, in the UK, comes news of lottery winner Adrian Bayford, winner of a huge 148 million pound jackpot. He has, according to news reports, already been bombarded with requests for cash  — despite being away on vacation with his family. The tiny musicshop which he jointly runs with his best friend […]

A Casual Trip to Buy a Bottle of Wine Leads to $85,000,000 Mega Millions Win for New Yorker

A Staten Island, New York, woman who bought a lottery ticket while wine shopping can afford champagne now — a lot of it. She can even buy her own vineyard in upstate New York if she likes. Jin Ok Choi, 54, came forward as the winner an $85 million Mega Millions jackpot. Choi said she bought a […]

Lottery Playing Tips: Avoid Combinations

I’ve written two books on the lottery (writing a third ebook) so people are always asking me for tips. Unlike many other lottery book “How to Win” authors, which I am NOT, I tell people all I have are some tips that might improve your odds slight. What you need most is luck. Lotsa luck. […]

What Would YOU do if You Were the Winner of the $337 Million Dollar Powerball Jackpot; Well, if You Are the Michigan Winner and You’re Reading This Post…

So, let’s just suppose that YOU are the Powerball winner last Wednesday of $337 million. What would you do with it? How much money is $337 million? Well, if the winner wants a share a snack with friends, the money can buy 93,093,922 bags of Better Made Potato Chips. Or maybe the winner has a […]

Annals of the Weird: Player and Clerk From Same Store Each Win $100,000

John Wilson is a regular customer at Nelson’s Feed in Dinwiddie County. Virginia. In fact, he’s there so often, playing his Cash 5 numbers, that store manager James Van Cleef decided to play the game along with him. “I’m going to start playing those numbers with you, because I know them

Top 5 Jackpots Around the World

Whatta draw…the two biggest jackpots in the world currently in play are both worth more than $200 million. Here they are, and the next draw date. Good luck everyone. 1. 190 million euros (about $234 million in US dollars), Euro Millions, Aug. 10. Euro Millions is played in nine european countries, including the UK, France, […]

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