Winning the lottery is just the beginning

“Wild” About the Lottery….NO…It Isn’t a Prank, It’s No Joke, You Just Won $100,000

Ann Decker of Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County, Pnnsylvania, won $100,000 with a Wild 10s instant ticket. “I always go to a gas station to buy cigarettes, and I’ll buy Lottery tickets once in a while,” Ann said. Once Ann left the store, she

A Jumbo $2,500,000 Win for New Georgia Lottery Player

A fairgrounds concessions worker who moved to Georgia earlier this month has wrapped his hands around a multi-million dollar prize from the Georgia Lottery. Former Fredericksburg, Va., resident Joseph Burnette has won a $2.5 million top prize playing the instant game Millionaire Jumbo Bucks. “It’s real,” the 31-year-old exclaimed as Georgia Lottery representatives presented him […]

New York Scratch Ticket Player is “Set For Life,” Wins $5,000,000.

Stanley Muraski has played New York’s Set For Life scratch-off ticket for years and has one simple reason for that dedication. “I always seem to win on that ticket,” said the 80- year-old retiree from Waterford, New York. And so he did. Big time. Muraski’s winning ways continued earlier this month when his matching numbers […]

Who Says Friday the 13th is Unlucky? Not Virginia Player Who Won $1 Million on that date

So you think Friday the 13th is unlucky? Try telling that to Sylvia Rolfe. The Dinwiddie County, Virginia, woman won the top prize in the Virginia Lottery’s Million Dollar Cash Bonanza game on that supposedly unlucky day. “I’ve never won anything, so I may as well play on Friday the 13th,” she recalled thinking. She […]

Mr. and Mrs. Peel (No, Not Emma from the British Avenger) Win $60 Million

Okay, so it wasn’t Emma  Peel who won the Powerball jackpot. But a man, Noel Peel. One of the all time great TV shows. Remember the Avengers, with John Steed and Mrs. Peel? [crap, I’m showing my age] But it was “a” mrs. Peel who won. Awesome. Here is her story. A bacon, egg and […]

List: Top 5 Jackpots Around the World

With the Olympics due to start in London in 11 days, it seems like (at friends’ requests) we should be covering MORE lotteries on the continent. And so we shall. Winners. Games. Just watch for it. Particularly if you are American or Canadian, there are lots of games for you to learn about and play […]

Fourth of July Blast: Minnesotan Wins $88,874

This year’s Fourth of July was the best yet for a Minnesota man and his family. Ron Walm’s trip to the supermarket for more potato salad and buns for his Fourth of July barbeque led to an unexpected surprise — after checking his Northstar Cash scratch ticket from July 3, he discovered that the ninth […]

Ultimate Nascar Fan Scratches His Way to $100,000 Prize

Tony Summerlin of Granite Falls, North Carolina, wanted a chance to win a game called Carolina Cash 5 jackpot, so he stopped at a local store for a ticket. While there, he also purchased a $5 scratch-off ticket for the Ultimate Fan game, officially-licensed by NASCAR®. It turns out Summerlin wouldn’t have to wait until […]

Quite a Homecoming: Texas Couple Visits Kansas, Win $10,000

Maybe they should visit their relatives more often. Texas residents, Jayme and Bud Williams, made a trip to Topeka, Kansas, last Friday to visit Jayme’s family. While making a pit stop at a retailer, Jayme purchased five different $2 Kansas Lottery instant scratch tickets. As they continued their journey to Topeka, Jayme scratched the tickets […]

How’s this for an Understated Reaction: Man Who Wins $500,000 says He feels “Pretty Good”

A Dacula (Georgia) man’s fantasy has come true. Stephen Hewitt, 67, won $500,800 in the June 23 Fantasy 5 drawing. Georgia Lottery officials presented Hewitt with an oversized check Tuesday at the store where he purchased the jackpot ticket. “It feels pretty good,” he said. I think maybe if it was me… I’d at least […]

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