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Lottery Jackpots Around the World: Top 10

Here are the top 10 jackpots currently in play: 1. $102 million, Mega Millions, next drawing is 5/1 2. $50 million Canadian ($50.3 in USD), Lotto Max, next draw 5/4 3. $50 million, Powerball, 5/2 4. $25 million, Lotto Texas, 5/2 5. 15 million euros, about $19.8 million U.S. dollars, Euro Millions, 5/1 6. $14.2 […]

48 New Millionaires in Philly…. as Pool of Subway Transit Workers Claim $172 Million Powerball Jackpot

Ya gotta love this. I can’t tell you how many people complain that it seems unfair when only one person wins a huge jackpot. That’s why pools are so cool. It spreads the wealth. And that’s what happened in Philadelphia recently after a group of 48 transit workers hit a $172 million Powerball lottery jackpot. The […]

What a Country; New York Player, Originally from Yemen, Wins $1,000,000 Playing Mega Millions

Twenty-nine-year-old Fath Nagi Zookari of Brooklyn’s Boerum Hill neighborhood travels to his native Yemen “every two years or so” to visit family. It’s an expensive ticket. And now, thanks to the NY Lottery, he doesn’t have to worry about that anymore. Zookari, a deli manager in the Bronx, said his recent $1,000,000 Megaplier win from […]

His Luck Runs in the Family (to the tune of $10,000)

According to 18-year-old Jason Patrick, he had $100 burning a hole in his pocket on Saturday and decided to purchase five of the Kansas Lottery’s $100,000 Club instant scratch tickets. After scratching his tickets, the Kiowa, Kansas resident now has $10,000 burning a hole in his pocket!  Patrick won the $10,000 cash prize on the […]

Minnesota Family Wins $2.9 Million; One Powerball Winning Ticket in Pennsylvania Hits for $173 Million

Three members of a North Mankato, Minnesota, family have stepped forward to claim the $2.99 million Hot Lotto jackpot from the March 14, 2012 drawing. Thomas H. Browne, his son Lee Browne and his daughter Elaine Pleiss presented the winning ticket at Lottery headquarters. Thomas said he heard an announcement on the radio that the […]

Imagine This: Owning TWO Powerball (second tier) Tickets, Each Worth $1,000,000. Well, it Happened to a Virginia Player

Talk about luck….. Imagine what it would feel like to have two slips of paper worth $1 million each. One Virginia woman no longer has to imagine. She knows first-hand. “I’m in shock!” said Virginia Fike of Berryville. When Fike stopped to buy some Powerball tickets in Clear Brook, Virginia, a few weeks ago, she […]

Lightning Strikes Twice in Connecticut; Second Pool from Same Company Wins $1 Million

A group of co-workers employed by the Stanadyne Corporation in Windsor recently won the lottery for the second time in nearly six years. And it blew my mind. Not just because I play in a pool (that’s never won a jackpot) … but because I met some of these guys when they won the first […]

Lottery Jackpots Around the World: Top 10 (plus 1)

Here are the top 10 jackpots (plus one) around the world. Wherever you live, there is a lot of money out there to be won. All amounts in U.S. dollars except where noted. 1. $173 million, Powerball, next draw April 25 2. $76 million, Mega Millions, April 24 3. 32 million euros (about $42.3 million […]

“Did I Win”: You Betcha. Iowan Wins $100,000

A Buffalo Center (Iowa)  man said his gut feeling was right when he chose to play the lottery’s “Did I Win?” instant-scratch game and ended up winning a top prize of $100,000. Travis Trushcheff, 25, said he just uses his intuition when choosing which scratch games to play, and this time it paid off. “We […]

The Butlers Did It: Illinois Couple Step Forward to Take Their Share of $656 Million Mega Millions Jackpot

So the final piece of the puzzle has been solved. That is, who…in Illinois, won their one-third share of the March 30 Mega Millions $656 million jackpot. It was a  retired computer systems designer and his wife, a computer programmer. Merle, 65, and Pat Butler, 62, claimed the jackpot. Their share of the record-setting $656 million […]

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