Winning the lottery is just the beginning

Crossword Game Kansas Player is $100,000 Winner

Have you ever dreamed of how you might spend your winnings if you won the Lottery? I know I have. Diana Mitzner has too, but her dreams turned to reality when the Buhler, Kansas, resident purchased a $10 game, winning a $100,000 top prize playing a $100,000 Crossword instant scratch ticket! “I’m going to set […]

Special Delivery: Virginia Driver Zooms Away with $5,000,000

Tony Nozar of Suffolk, Virginia believes in luck. He recently threw a penny in a fountain and wished to win the Virginia Lottery. Just a moment later, he bought a pair of Virginia’s $5 Million Club tickets. One of those tickets won the game’s $5 million top prize. “I ran back in the store and hugged the […]

It’s no Joke, Illinois Player Wins $300,000 (But Wife Doesn’t Believe Him at First)

Mike Mamer of Washington, Illinois is an occasional Little Lotto player who purchases tickets once a week when the mood strikes. On Oct 16 the mood struck, with Mamer winning $300,000 on a $5 “quick pick” ticket.  He almost didn’t buy a ticket that day, deciding last-second to make one of his occasional Little Lotto purchases. Mamer, 38, […]

Powerball Jackpot Soars to $245,000,000; Mega Millions to $78,000,000

HUGE jackpots are in play in the U.S. this coming week, beginning on Nov. 1 with a Mega Millions drawing worth $78 million. And on Nov. 2, the whole world will be watching when the Powerball jackpot numbers are drawn for a top prize of $245,000,000. Twelve tickets, by the way, matched five of six […]

“It’s Surreal,” Says Pennsylvania Winner of $4,200,000

When the store clerk began screaming with excitement, Michael Draman realized that his Pennsylvania Lottery Match 6 Lotto ticket might be a big winner. He was right. Draman, of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, did indeed win the $4.2 million on Oct. 24. His ticket correctly matched all six winning numbers, 02-05-10-13-28-48, to win a jackpot of $4,205,027, […]

Mining for Dollars: Idaho Player Scratches, Hits $30,000 Top Prize

Happily ever after might just have a new face in the Silver Valley, in Idaho. Life-long Kellogg, Idaho, resident Shawnee Cato (married name Dunsmore) and her husband Branden Dunsmore arrived tired and a little bleary-eyed after an all-night drive to claim a $30,000 winning Hot Ball Bingo ticket. The story of the winning ticket began when Shawnee tried to cash in […]

Maryland Nurse Registers $50,000 Scratch Game Win

Noel McDonald was hanging out with her 7-year-old son, after an appointment, when lady luck appeared. Her son wanted a snowball, so she stopped to get him one. While there, they ran into a nearby liquor store to cash in some of her winning scratch-offs, which led to $50,000 win. With the $20 she won, […]

Breast Cancer Survivor Wins $277,000 in Georgia

A breast cancer survivor feels especially lucky to have won the lottery while celebrating National Breast Cancer AwarenessMonth. Bessie Irene Rawls, 54, recently won $277,844 playing Georgia’s Fantasy 5. “I’ll never forget this month,” said Rawls, who also celebrated her birthday and wedding anniversary in October. “I just can’t believe it.” Rawls, who lives in […]

Royal Flush is Worth $55,000 to Connecticut Instant Game Player

    When Raymond “Ray” Merlo, Jr. of Windsor Locks ran out of coffee creamer the other day, he hopped in his car and set out to pick up a carton. He also purchased a CT Lottery “5 Card Stud” instant game ticket. Before leaving his parking space, Merlo changed his mind and went back […]

Gourmet Chef “Cooks” Up a $9.7 Million Connecticut Jackpot

Late last winter, Fabian Mazuera of Ridgefield, Connecticut picked six numbers and began playing them regularly in the CT Lottery’s Classic Lotto game. As Mazuera watched the Lotto jackpot climb week after week—eventually to $9,700,000—he remained hopeful that he might be a winner. “Nine days ago I started a new job,” said Mazuera, a gourmet […]

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