Winning the lottery is just the beginning

Sisters United; $200,000 Georgia Lottery Winner Helps Sibling Find a Home

 A Jefferson County, Georgia woman plans to help a displaced family member find a new home with winnings from the Georgia Lottery. Her name is Joann Jordan of Wrens, and she won a stellar $200,000 top prize playing the instant game EZ Grand.  Jordan, 56, intends to purchase a new home for her sister whose […]

The Luck of the Irish: Irish Lottery Winners Hit for 11 Million Euros (about $15 Million in U.S. Dollars)

Call it the luck of the Irish. At least it was for the McIntyre family, who live in the small farming an and fishing community in Ballyglass, Belmullet, County Mayo, Ireland. They are the winners of this past Saturday’s Irish lottery draw. Their prize? €11,033,593…which computes to more than

Mega Millions Surprise: “Honey, I Just Won $250,000”

Bernardo Santos, Jr. of Stamford knows how to keep a secret. Until recently, Santos was the only person who knew who held the winning Mega Millions ticket  worth $250,000 for the September 9, 2011 drawing—it was Santos, and he didn’t even tell his wife. Guess she was surprised

Twice is Nice. Florida Player Wins $500,000 Playing a Scratch Card; Last Year, He Won $200,000 a Year for Life

Some people, it would seem, are just plain old lucky. Or…perhaps they play a lot and that increases their odds. No matter. Meet Scott Krueger, 43, of Ocala, Florida, who claimed a $500,000 prize in the GOLD RUSH TRIPLER Scratch-Off game at Florida Lottery headquarters in Tallahassee the other day. Lucky right? You ain’t heard the […]

Michigan Man Claims $100,000 Keno Prize

  Sometimes, it pays off to hang out at a bar. Especially if it is a bar where KENO is played. As in Michigan. Jon Boudrie from Monroe, Michigan was the lucky winner of $100,000 after playing Club Keno at a local bar. As a Lottery player of about seven years, the Monroe man was shocked to learn he had won […]

Lost (a $50,000-Winning Lottery Scratch Ticket) and Found (a Miracle?) in Tennessee

John Holder must have felt like he couldn’t win for losing. John Holder, 45, of Columbia, Tennessee, can thank his lucky stars because someone, or something, is watching out for him. Not that he has always been lucky. He was a roofer by trade until a back injury forced him to live on disability benefits. […]

Euro Millions Winner of 162.3 Million Euros Bought Ticket in France

Pretty big jackpot … to say the least, was won by a ticket holder who bought his ticket in Calvados, France, Sept. 13. The Euro Millions jackpot was huge: €162,256,622 (£140,822,522) and the winning numbers were 9, 28, 30, 32 and 49, along with the Lucky Star numbers 09 and 10. The win brought a run […]

State of Washington Vietnam Vet to Share $250,000 Mega Million Win with Daughter

By now, those who read this post regularly know that I LOVE to write about soldiers and cops and fire and rescue personnel who win lotteries. They don’t get paid nearly enough for what they do. So I was thrilled to hear from a friend in Washington state who told me that a Vietnam veteran, […]

School Dazed: Virginia Granny Scratches, Wins $1,000,000!!!

Shirley Fauntleroy of Caret, Virginia, was shopping for school clothes for her grandson when she bought a little something for herself: a $120 Million Cash Blowoutticket from the Virginia Lottery. When she scratched it, she saw that it was no ordinary ticket. “I knew it had to be something,” she later told Virginia Lottery officials. It […]

Top 5 Jackpots Around the World

The U.S. lottery game, Mega Millions is starting to soar towards the $100 million mark, but right now the jackpot is $75 million, which is currently the largest jackpot in play in the world. Here are your  top 5, and the dates of the next draws. By the way, I have had some emails asking […]

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