Winning the lottery is just the beginning

Deja Vu All Over Again. Massachusetts Player Cashes in On Second $1,000,000 Top Prize.

A feeling of déjà vu must have come over Neal Stanley of Chelmsford, Mass. when he visited the Massachusetts Lottery’s Braintree headquarters to claim a $1 million prize he won playing the Billion Dollar Blockbuster instant game. For many lottery players, a grand prize win is a once in a lifetime experience, but not for […]

Top 5 Jackpots Around the World; Look For Changes in Powerball Come January 2012

Euro MIllions is exploding into unchartered territory….for that game, as tonight’s jackpot tops 132 million euros, or about $187.3 million in U.S. dollars. If you are in Europe and one of the nine countries where the game is played, put down a few euros and play. Please. Here are your top current jackpots: 1. 132 […]

Winners of Illinois Cash for Life Game ($1,000 a Week) Just Wanna Go Fishin’

Wallace and Anneliese Gent of Pekin are the latest winners in the Illinois Lottery’s “Cash For Life” in-stant game series. The elderly couple, who today claimed a “$1,000 A Week For Life” prize, have been married 37 years–and have five grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren between them. Much of their Lottery windfall will be used to […]

How’s This for a 72nd Birthday Present?: $300,000 from the Georgia Lottery

I couldn’t be happier for Bonnie Gunter, who for 21 years has been an Atlanta, Georgia-based foster mother, caring for children she’s considered her own. On the eve of her 72nd birthday, the Georgia Lottery will be taking care of her. How cool is that? Pretty damned cool I think. I love it when good […]

West Virginia Lottery Celebrates its 25th Anniversary with $2 Million Second Chance Drawing. Here are the Results

West Virginia Lottery Director John Musgrave announced the names of his state’s  latest millionaire and three additional $250,000 prize winners from the Lottery’s 25 Anniversary second chance grand prize drawing held on June 21, 2011. Nice way to celebrate a birthday. Mark Boggs of Sissonville, West Virginia,  won the grand prize of $1 million in […]

New York “Win for Life” Winner to Pocket $1,000 a Week for the Rest of Her Life

Tawanda Almedino of Rochester, New York, started her career at Monroe Community Hospital in the food service department in 1999. Today, you’ll find the thirty-four-year-old mother of three, now a Licensed Practical Nurse, tending to patients at the long-term care facility by day and studying for her Registered Nursing degree at night. And, Almedino, New […]

Happy Birthday Present: Connecticut Cashword Player Hits for $100,000 Top Prize

  During a recent round of powerful thunderstorms, Miguel Reyes, 61, of Hampton was safe at home, passing the time with a “$100,000 Cashword” instant game ticket. “I do a lot of crossword puzzles, so I enjoy playing these games. I especially like the ‘Bonus’ word,” said Reyes, who is retired. As he scratched his […]

“Win For Life” Instant Game Winner Helps Others: She’ll Help Pay for Friend’s Wedding

Springfield, Illinois resident Vicky Green recently won Illinois Lottery’s “Cash For Life” instant game series. Great news, huh? But it gets better. The northside resident has varied plans for her ‘$500 A Week for Life’ prize, including helping a single-mom co-worker/friend pay for part of her daughter’s wedding. “I’m going to give back to God, pay […]

$100,000 Instant Winner, Has Got the “Fever”

Donna Zimmer, of Canton, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, was a winner in the Pennsylvania Lottery’s instant game Million Dollar Cash Fever. Donna won the game’s second-tier prize of $100,000,

$202 MILLION Powerball Winners are a POOL from Long Island, New York

  Remember the $202 MILLION Powerball jackpot won in New York in June? We were all waiting around to see who won. NOW, we know. Finally. And it was a lottery pool. How cool is that? The 20 oversized checks, each made out for $201.9 million, seemed appropriate for these lottery winners. A group of 20 […]

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