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Lottery Jackpots Around the World: Top 10 (Plus 1)

Someone in Kissimmee Florida won $184,000,000 on Feb. 26 so a HUGE congratulations to the person or persons who hit all six POWERBALL numbers. Awesome. Now, here the your top 11 lottery jackpots currently in play, AND the dates of the next drawings. 1. $88 million, Mega Millions, Mar. 1 2. 59 milion euros (about […]

Louisiana Man Wins $100,000; He’s On the Money

Timmie Julian, along with a friend, claims a $100,000 top prize from a “Right on the Money” scratch-off at the Lottery’s Lafayette office. When Timmie Julian of Rayne checked the Louisiana Lottery’s website and noticed the Right on the Money scratch-off game had only one top prize remaining, he had a feeling he should purchase […]

$50,000 Smiles for Maryland’s “Bonus Match 5” Game Winner

He’s the lucky one,” the mother-of-six says about her son Timothy Kunze. Indeed. The 21-year-old from Marland was the latest Bonus Match 5 top-tier $50,000 winner. He was with his father on his way home from work when they stopped to get gas.  His father suggested to Timothy that he purchase a Bonus Match 5 […]

Granny is Four Time Lottery Winner; Geez, Talk About Good Karma….

Call her Lady Luck. Oh, I do. I do. Judy Slone of Duluth, Georgia, is a four-time Georgia Lottery winner. Slone, 62, has won a $400,000 top prize playing the instant game 20X The Money, her most recent win. In 2004 the grandmother of three won $27,777 playing an instant game and bought

Massachusetts Million Dollar Winner is All “Red”

Gary and Paula Fitts celebrated Valentine’s Day (see photo, left) by taking home a $1 million grand prize on the Ruby Red 7’s game from the Massachusetts State Lottery. The Warren couple, pictured here with Executive Director Paul Sternburg, received their first of 20 annuity checks for $50,000 before taxes,

Under the Wire: You Gotta Look at Your Tickets, Friends. South Carolina Couple Cash in $1,000,000 Just Before Ticket is Due to Expire (Whew!)

I write about this all the freakin time. Friends. When you buy a ticket, don’t just put it away to look at on a rainy day. Check it out. See if you’ve won. Because the odds on winning are generally so ridiculously long, how crazy is it to lose your winnings just because you forgot […]

LOTTERY JACKPOTS: Top Jackpots Around the World

Some multi-state and nation jackpots are rolling up big jackpots. Here are your top 10, worldwide, and the date of the next drawings: 1. $155 million, Powerball, Feb. 23 2. $64 million, Mega Millions, Feb. 22 3. 43 million euros (about $58.9 million USD), Euro Millions, Feb. 25. Tickets available in 9 European countries, including […]

Keeping it All in the Family, Indiana Family Shares $46,000,000 Mega Millions Jackpot

Indiana is best known for basketball AND Peyton Manning. Okay, maybe I’m kidding about Peyton. But now it’s a winner in the Mega Millions pantheon of lottery jackpot winners. Hoosier Lottery officials presented a check for $46.5 million

The “Plains” Truth: Georgia Truck Driver wins $3,000,000

A truck driver from the hometown of former President Jimmy Carter has summoned a whopper of a Georgia Lottery win on Valentine’s Day. Now, he’s gonna share he love. Kenneth Mooney of Plains has won a $3 million top prize after taxes, playing the instant game $3,000,000 Taxes Paid.

Just Under the Wire: N.C. Couple Claim $1,000,000 Mega Millions Prize

They had 180 days to cash in their $1 million Mega Million prize winning ticket. And they almost didn’t make it. Erin and Raleigh Hill of Stallings, N.C., had held onto the winning ticket for months, despite lottery authorities’ desperate attempts to locate

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