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Do Quick Pick Numbers Win More than Playing Your Favorite Lucky Numbers? An Expert Speaks Out

In my book (and in frequent postings) I talk about whether quick picks pull in more winners than playing favorite numbers.

Theoretically it should make no difference. One set of numbers has the same odds of being picked as any other. That’s mathematics.

But the empirical evidence shows otherwise and feel free to write me with your own explanations for this.

I once worked for the California Lottery and a former employer (friend) there was recently asked by a player what was the exact percentage of Lotto and MegaMillion winners who win using their own numbers vs. Quick Pick numbers?

Cathy Johnston, the lottery spokeswoman answered thusly:

Out of the 15 Mega Millions jackpots winners in California, 12 have played Quick Pick numbers.

California’s other big money game is called SuperLotto Plus, which is essentially a mini version of a Mega Millions game.

Of the 2,200 Super Lotto Plus jackpot winners, approximately 70 percent have used Quick Pick numbers, Johnston said.

As I would say to you, Cathy said, “Every ticket has as much a chance as every other of winning because the numbers are drawn at random. “One, two, three, four, five, six has the same chance as a Quick Pick,” she said.

On the other hand…maybe it’s just that more people play quick picks than their “favorite numbers.”

Your thoughts?

Personally? I play a combination of numbers I dreamed one night, my wife’s lucky numbers and a quick pick.

What do you play?

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2 Responses to “Do Quick Pick Numbers Win More than Playing Your Favorite Lucky Numbers? An Expert Speaks Out”

  1. RT on August 7th, 2011 10:14 am

    Well to analyze this you would need to know the number of quick pick users and the number of people who choose numbers. Then you would need to determine the percentages of the winners in each group. If the percentages are close to each other I would say within 3% then there is no difference. I have heard that about 75% of the lottery players do quick pick. If this is the case, the numbers provided in this article would show there is no advantage to either choice.

    However, if you could come up with some kind of “system” that works, either with quick pick or choosing your own numbers or a combination of both, then you could push the chances at least for smaller wins in your favor over time.

    Because it is completely random, over time statistics will prove to win out. There will be people who never win, people who win a lot, and people in between. The numbers that get drawn will look similar. Some numbers will just happen to be drawn more often than others. I heard number 33 is the worst.

  2. simon billodeau on March 25th, 2012 4:29 am

    Well i play both ways, but play my own numbers more. I sort the last 11 plays and play the most due numbers that where pick in the last 5 sets that have not been picked in the current 11 plays. I have better luck sorting the last 11 plays. Like this, i pick the last 11 plays and sort them, then pick 5 more sets of 11 plays and and sort them, then i pick the most often picked numbers that played in the last 5 sets that have not played in the last 11 plays. Most of the time I get 2 to 4 numbers right. The only thing im still working on is the mega ball, not having much luck on it like i do with the first 5.

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