Winning the lottery is just the beginning

Someone in the Toronto Region is $50 Million Dollars Richer Today

Hey. You live near or in Toronto (one of my favorite cities)? You play the lottery’s Lotto Max game? Well, pull out your Friday night ticket and check your numbers. Because some in or near Toronto won $50 million

Lottery News from Around the World: The Italian Lottery, SuperEnalotto, Rolls

A few tidbits from around the lottery world: First, one of my favorite lotteries had no winners on Saturday, the 29th, January. SuperEnalotto, the Italian lottery had 53,782 million euros in play and no one won. That’s about $73.2 million

South Africa’s Youngest (19) Lottery Winner Ever, in Jail For Murder, Makes a Plea

This is certainly a cautionary tale: Jason Pang Canterbury, a 19 year old lottery winner, was convicted of murder and other crimes years ago, is now gambling on freedom. First, some background: a winning streak brought him 6.7 million rands when he became the country’s youngest Lotto jackpot winner. Three years ago, he was convicted of […]

Up, Up and Away; Retired Airline Mechanic Flies Off With $679,000

A retired airline mechanic is welcoming a massive Gerogia Lottery Fantasy 5 prize. Steven Reeves of Griffin. Georgia, matched all five winning numbers in the Jan. 14 Fantasy 4 drawing, winning a $679,167 top prize. His wife, Judy, was asleep

Want to Win a U.K. Lottery? Play in Ilford (in Greater London)

If you believe the Mail newspaper in the U.K. (where I read this report), if you want to win a U.K. lottery, play in Ilford, a part of Greater London. According to figures released by the National Lottery group, Ilford is where more people hit the jackpot than anywhere else in the UK.

Happy Birthday Girl Drives Away with Ford F-150 (MY Favorite Vehicle)

OK, you got me. I love the Ford F-150. Maybe someday I’ll be able to afford a new one. Meanwhile, a Georgia lottery player just won one. And I am freaking jealous. Just kidding.  A Kennesaw, Georgia woman’s birthday week has been topped off with a new Ford F-150.

Do Quick Pick Numbers Win More than Playing Your Favorite Lucky Numbers? An Expert Speaks Out

In my book (and in frequent postings) I talk about whether quick picks pull in more winners than playing favorite numbers. Theoretically it should make no difference. One set of numbers has the same odds of being picked as any other. That’s mathematics. But the empirical evidence shows otherwise

Canadian Sisters Cook Up a Big $6.8 Million Lottery Pool Win, Share it With Others

This is a very cool story and it happened in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. From our local news correspondent in Canada: He writes that three sisters who work at their family’s restaurant are a whole lot richer, thanks to a winning $6.8 million lotto win

Second $190 Million Mega Millions Winner Comes Forward; Will She Have to Split the Winnings with Estranged Husband?

We may have a legal mess going on in Idaho, but I hope not. A 29 year old named Holly Lahti came forward with her half of the $380 million Mega Millions jackpot. It seemed like a good story. Single mom of two girls, worked as a bank teller. Lived in a in a tiny Idaho […]

Searching for a Millionaire: Hot Lotto Winner of $16.5 Million is Somewhere, Holding Iowa Winning Ticket. So Check Your Pockets.

If you bought a Hot Lotto ticket in Iowa a few weeks ago, check your tickets. Look everywhere you can. Under your pillow, in your car, in your pocketbook. Because somewhere out there is a reluctant – or perhaps unwitting – millionaire. It’s been two weeks since someone won a $16.5 million Hot Lotto jackpot

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