Winning the lottery is just the beginning

MEGA MILLIONS Jackpot Skyrockets to $237 Million; Next Draw is Friday, Dec. 31; In Italy, Two Winners of SuperEnalotto Each Take Home More than 35 Million Euros

New Year’s eve is bringing the largest jackpot of the year to Mega Millions players around the U.S. and the world. The jackpot is a mind-blowing $237 million.

Ain’t it “Sweet”? 84 Year Old New York Player Wins $1,000,000 Playing “Sweet Millions”

Eighty-four-year-old Knute Hagen of Yaphank, Suffolk County, New York (near where I grew up, on Long Island) had but one wish this holiday season: “I want to pay off the mortgage on my home once and for all,” said the retired union carpenter/construction superintendant. He can do that this year, thanks to an early December […]

Lottery Jackpots: Top 5, Worldwide; Some New York Lottery Player Had a Very, Merry Christmas ($46,000,000 Powerball Winner)

Talk about a great Christmas gift. Someone who bought a New York Powerball ticket had a very very good day. Or should I say night. Since the Powerball drawing is 11 p.m. eastern time. Congratulations to the winner. Meanwhile, the largest jackpot in the world (currently) is still up for grabs. Mega Millions rolled over […]

It’s A Very Merry Christmas for $250,000 Georgia Scratch Game Winner

An Augusta, Georgia gas station has pumped a quarter-million dollar Georgia Lottery prize to a happy winner in time for the holidays. The gas station sold a $250,000 top prize

To All Our Loyal Viewers Around the World….

A very Merry Christmas to you and your families. It is my absolute pleasure to scour the net and talk to my contacts in the lottery world to find the funniest, weirdest stories about lottery winners everywhere. And thanks for your interest. Keep those emails coming. I read em all…

Lotsa “Luck”: Spanish Town Called “Sort” (the Catalan Word for “Luck”) is Big Winner in Spain’s El Gordo Billion Dollar Lottery

File this under “Strange, but True.” A few days ago, I posted about El Gordo, the so-called richest lottery in the world. And you can’t argue that fact … considering officials hand out multi-billions of dollars (euros, actually) every year in this annual lottery drawing. El Gordo lottery players who bought their El Gordo lottery […]

A JUMBO $100,000 Win For Pennsylvania Instant Game Player

Here’s a good way to celebrate the holidays. Win $100,000. Sounds good? I mean, wouldn’t we ALL like to do that? Maryann Zimmerman, of Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania, did just that playing an instant game worth $100,000. The game was called Jumbo Bucks. “With two adult children, I have plans to put the money right in […]

Spain’s El Gordo Lottery Hands Out More Than $3 Billion (That’s a “B”) in Prizes

I love this lottery. It’s the mother of all lotteries, having started in 1812. El Gordo, the fat one, handed out more than $3 billion in prizes this past week, and what’s really cool is the lottery does not hand out on mega winning ticket and then much smaller ones after that. No, everyone seems […]

Lucky Charms: I Don’t Believe in Them, And Yet I Always Scratch With My “Lucky” Kennedy Dollar Coin

Do you believe in lucky charms? I always say I don’t, and yet when I scratch, I like to scratch with my lucky Kennedy dollar. Am I a hypocrite? Hell yeah.

Another Self Promotion: Forgive Me, This One Last Time

OK…I’ve refrained from promoting myself, and it might even be too late for you to get my book in time for the Christmas holiday, but really…. I  wrote the book for you viewers. See photo of book to your right, on this web page. I was in the lottery business for more than 10 years. […]

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