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Lottery Jackpots Around the World: Powerball Tops $100 Million; Italian Superenalotto Finally Has Winner, One Ticket Worth 177,729,043 Euros!

Big weekend around the world. After months of draws (three a week) there was ONE lucky winning ticket in the Italian Superenalotto game. Winning numbers were 4,26,40,54,55,67 and Jolly ball 41. There was also a $140 million Mega Millions winner in the U.S. state of Michigan. Congratulations. Now for the rest of us who play, […]

Family Matters: Visit to Brother Results in $10,000 Powerball Prize

Greg Smith of Cumberland, Maryland, now has 10,004 reasons to spend more time with his family; a leisurely trip from his home in Cumberland to visit his brother in Frederick, Maryland, resulted in a third-tier Powerball win. Smith, who works in commercial insurance, hadn’t had the chance to visit his brother in Frederick since he […]

Two for the Money: Georgia Player Wins $1,000,000 Two Years After Winning $500,000

A Metter, Georgia  man was grabbing his morning cup of joe when he was jolted by more than the java. Andrew Jones, 63, won a $1 million prize playing the Georgia Lottery instant game Maximum Green. This is the second big win for Jones, who won $500,000 playing the instant game Jumbo Jumbo Bucks in […]

Huge Italian Superenalotto Jackpot in Play Oct. 26: 174 Million Euros (153 Million Pounds, $239 Million in U.S. Dollars)

You know the old saying…when in Rome… (Or anywhere in one of the most spectacularly beautiful countries in the world: Italy), play the lottery. Please. Especially today. Because one of the largest jackpots in the world is in play tonight: Superenalotto. It’s one of the coolest lotteries anywhere. But outside of the Europe, it’s not […]

Lottery’s Top 10 Jackpots Around the World

In case you happen to be traveling in the U.S., Canada or Europe, here are the Top 10 jackpots currently in play, and the dates of their next drawings. So— go out and win. 1. $118 million, Mega Millions, a U.S. multi state game, Oct. 26 2. $72 million, Powerball, a U.S. multi state game, […]

Italian Lottery Rises to Record Level of $230.4 Million … So If You Happen to Be in Italy… It’s Worth a Shot

Italy’s lotto jackpot has swollen to a European record of $230.4 million with no one able to strike the winning number over the past eight months. Punters spent $40 million to play nearly 57 million combinations of numbers at the latest drawing on Thursday, which nonetheless failed to produce a winner. Therefore, the jackpot rose […]

Twice is Nice; Pennsylvania Man Defies the Odds. Wins $60,000 Playing a Scratch Game, Then $1.2 Million Three Weeks Later Playing the State’s Cash 5 Game

The odds of winning a top prize in any Pennsylvania Lottery game are pretty astronomical. I should know. I live in the state and play all the time. So whenever I hear about someone defying those long odds, I think it’s something you all should know about. To those of you who have won big […]

A Good News Lottery Story: 17 Year-Old Winner from Scotland Finds Happiness

You are always hearing about bad things that happen to lottery winners. They go bankrupt. Their marriages break up. They die. But that is the tabloid stuff. Most times, things work out quite nicely. This past week the U.K. lottery invited big winners to celebrate their good fortune. One of those big winners was from […]

Lottery Jackpots Around the World: Top 10

The U.S. Mega Millions game is soaring up towards $100 million (right now, it is $86 million), so travellers to the U.S. and U.S. citizens might want to put down a dollar or two. Here are the top 10 jackpots currently in play around the world and the date of the next drawings: 1. $86 […]

113 Million Euros (About $160 Million in U.S. Dollars)-Winning Ticket Bought in Coventry, U.K.; Winner Has 180 Days to Claim It — Or Lose It!

THE unclaimed winning ticket for the £113million EuroMillions jackpot was bought in ­Coventry, the Sunday Mirror UK newspaper said in a recent edition. That’s about $160 million in U.S. dollars. Not bad. Staff at lottery operator Camelot have narrowed the hunt down to the West Midlands city. Normally they would wait three weeks before investigating […]

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