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$12 Million California Lottery Winner Sought; Dudes, Your Time is Running Out, You Only Have Until Oct. 21 to Turn in that SuperLotto Plus Winning Ticket

HEY. I hate stuff like this. I hate when a jackpot winner doesn’t pick up their money. But here is another case….someone traveled through Barstow Station in April and purchased a winning SuperLotto Plus ticket worth $12 million, but he or she isn’t a millionaire yet. OK…so where are they? The winner has until 5 […]

Happy Birthday Maine Lottery, 35 Years Old

Maine is one of the country’s oldest lotteries and so we celebrate their birthday. Happy 35th guys. And may you thrive for another…oh…100 years or more. Former Governor Kenneth M. Curtis drew the first lottery numbers on June 27, 1974. To celebrate the drawing, there was a million dollar drawing, won by a woman named […]

Dolphins May Have Lost Football Game, But a Fan Wins $100,000 Playing Dolphin Scratch Ticket AT the Game

Miami Dolphins fan and Florida Lottery player Brian Sand, 45, of Woodmere, NY, claimed his $100,000 Miami DOLPHINS Scratch-Off prize at the Lottery’s Miami District Office today. His ticket was purchased at the Monday night football game between the Fins and the Jets. Sand and his son, who are both huge Miami Dolphins fans, flew […]

Finland Has Their Biggest Lottery Winner Ever, at $9.7 Million (in U.S. Dollars). But Winner Has Not Yet Come Forward.

Lotteries are big all over the world. [Just check out my first book, JACKPOT, to see how big.] They show up in almost every country in the world… and I occasionally have a correspondent telling me about their country’s big winners. Here now, Finland. I thank our correspondent for this news report: A single player […]

Lottery Jackpots Around the World: Top 10

The biggest jackpot currently in play around the world is offered by Euro Millions. Tickets can be bought in six countries, including the U.K., France, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland. The draw is every Friday night 9 p.m. in Paris. Here are your top 10 jackpots and the dates of the next draw: 1. 100 million […]

Isn’t this a Great Idea for a Scratch Ticket Grand Prize? Illinois Scratcher Offers Free College Tuition (and Expenses)

I don’t know who thought up this idea but it is absolutely awesome and I’d be willing to bet that lotteries around the nation will copy cat what Illinois has just done. Last week, the Illinois Lottery announced a new “Cash 4 College” scratch-off-ticket game. The prize: free college tuition. Five winners will get full […]

Wife Had a “Feeling” About a Win; it Results in $250,000 Mega Millions Win

Here’s a nice little story out of Clyde, Michigan. Resident Jeff Tanton’s wife had a feeling they would win the Lottery. Mrs. Tanton had a good feeling about the September 3 drawing, so she sent her husband to buy a Mega Millions ticket, using a draw slip with her own picks. T he next morning, […]

Georgia Golfer Gets 2nd Chance Hole in One, Scores $5,000,000

Winning is par for the course for a Stone Mountain, Georgia, man. Lee McDaniel, 67, won $5 million in the Georgia Lottery’s World Class Millions $5 Million Grand Prize Event. “I’m just excited,” said McDaniel, who works at Mystery Valley Golf Club in Lithonia. “Before I came, I got up and went over to the […]

POWERBALL $112 Million Jackpot Won By Georgia Lottery Ticketholder

Someone who bought a Powerball ticket for the Sept. 18 drawing (in Mableton, Ga.) is a very rich, very happy person this morning. That ticket holder, whether a single person or a pool, won $112 million. Amazing. I am partial to Georgia winners because I went to college in Georgia and love the people and […]

$54 Million Mega Millions-Winning Ticket Bought in New York

There was one $54 million jackpot winner from New York in the Friday, September 17, 2010 Mega Millions drawing. Someone is very happy. But they are not the only ones. 17 players matched the first 5 numbers for a $250,000 prize: 2 from California, 1 from Georgia, 1 from Illinois, 1 from Maryland, 1 from Michigan, 1 […]

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