Winning the lottery is just the beginning

Retired Fireman Hits For $200,000 Powerball Prize

I love it when public servants, even retired public servants win a lottery prize. You know (I’m on my high horse now), I work with cops and fireman as a newspaper reporter (which I am)… and these guys put it on the line for us all the time and often for piddling wages. OK  enough […]

Top 5 Lottery Jackpots Around the World

With the $133 million (in USD) won by a ticket holder in California on Aug. 27, the highest jackpot in the world is now Powerball. Here are your top 5, and the dates of the next drawing. 1. $34 million, Powerball, Sept. 1 2. $26 million, Indiana Lotto, Sept. 1 (tickets can be bought ONLY […]

Jackpot Winner Alert: $133 Million “Mega Millions” Top Prizewinner Bought Ticket in California

California dreaming? Someone’s life is about to change for the better. And it’s no dream. One ticket holder with a ticket bought in California has won $133 million. It could be one person. Or, it could be a lottery pool. We’ll soon find out. And I’ll let you know. The winning numbers, if you happen […]

$12.5 Million Tri-State Megabucks’ Winner from Vermont Collects His Cash

Many of you probably don’t know what Tri-State Megabucks is, so for the uninitiated, it’s a three state (duh) group a la Powerball…Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine… where tickets for the game can ONLY be bought in those states. This week, the game’s biggest winner ever stepped forward. His winnings? 12.5 million dollars is the largest […]

Former West Virginia Sheriff Wins $79 Million Powerball Jackpot

After a couple of sleepless nights, W. Randy Smith, 63, of Martinsburg today claimed more than $44 million, the cash option from Saturday’s (Aug. 21) $79 million Powerball drawing. 

 The exact prize total was $44,347,250.99; federal taxes totaled more than $11 million; state taxes totaled nearly $3 million.
 West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin referred […]

In West Virginia, Laid-Off Miner Wins $50,000; See? Good Things CAN Happen to Good People

Keith Keiffer, 29, a laid-off Nicholas County, West Virginia miner with three children, has won $50,000 playing the Lottery’s instant game Platinum Payout. These guys have a tough enough life. And this man (with a family) was laid off. Remember, this is a mine where there once was a disaster, right? The Calvin resident said […]

West Virginia Ticket Holder Wins $80 Million Powerball Jackpot; Your Top 5, Worldwide

One ticket …one very very lucky ticket holder who bought a Powerball ticket in the Aug. 21 game has won the $80 million jackpot. It could be one person. It could be a lottery pool. Stay tuned to find out who the lucky person is. Promise that I’ll run a story on it when the […]

Georgia Retiree Wins $250,000 “Mega” Prize; 14 Years Ago, She Won $150,000 Playing Powerball

A Marietta, Georgia, retiree has dived into a quarter-million dollar Mega Millions prize. Martha Brown, who retired in April, matched the first five winning numbers from the July 27 drawing, winning a $250,000 prize. The $250,000 Mega Millions win is the second time Brown has won a large prize from the Georgia Lottery. She won […]

Mom Picks Up $10,000 While on the Way to Pick Up Son at Summer Camp

An Edwardsville, Kansas, woman joked that she was “just hoping to win enough to pay for lunch” when she stopped for a sandwich while on her way to pick up her son at summer camp. Connie Vandenberg, 51, ended up with more than enough to cover the tab at Casa Blanca, in Lake Ozark. Vandenberg […]

SEVEN Time Big Lottery Winner in Florida Plans to Tell All; He Says He has a System. Let the Buyer Beware

Those of you who are regular readers of these postings know that I do not believe systems work. I always warn players against putting down their hard earned money on systems that simply exist to make the system designer money. I’ve written two books on the lottery…one is shown on this page (still available). And […]

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