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Louisiana Lottery Winner Hits for $425,000, Goes to Disney World (What else?)

Excitement spread over the Sifuentes household Thursday morning as Suzette Silva Sifuentes sat on the floor with the newspaper spread out next to her Louisiana Lotto ticket.  That’s where she discovered she held the $425,000 Lotto jackpot-winning ticket from the June 16 drawing. “I kept dreaming about the numbers all night so I checked them […]

Halt! Tennessee State Trooper, Steps Over the Line, Clocks $378,000 Georgia Lottery Win

A Georgia Lottery prize is on the radar for a lucky Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper. James Bates, 55, is one of five players to win $378,090 each from matching all five winning numbers in the May 31 Fantasy 5 drawing. With a $1.89 million total prize payout, it is the highest Fantasy 5 jackpot in […]

Lottery Online? You Can Do It in New Hampshire Now!

From news sources, I have learned that gamblers will be able to buy lottery tickets in New Hampshire next week to play online — a move seen by some as an expansion of the kind of gambling that state lawmakers oppose. But not me. PlayNowNH interactive games go on sale July 1. New Jersey tried something like […]

Top 5 Jackpots Around the World

Here are your top 5 jackpots around the world: 1, $50 million Canadian dollars ($49 million in USD), Lotto Max, next draw, July 2 (Lotto Max is a multi-province game) 2. $27 million, Powerball, next draw, June 30 3. $26 million, Florida Lotto, next draw, June 30 (tickets available ONLY in Florida) 4. 15 million […]

Two Powerball Jackpot Winners Share $97 MIllion; Tickets were Bought in Ohio and Montana

Two lucky tickets matched the June 23 Powerball winning numbers and will equally share a $97 million jackpot. Those tickets were bought in Montana and Ohio. It’s rare when two tickets …unrelated… pick winners, considering the huge odds against them. But in happens. In the 1990s two separate winners in Washington D.C. shared $90 million. […]

New York, New York (It’s a Wonderful Town): Lottery Winner to Pocket $26 Million

There was one Mega Millions winning ticket in the June 22 draw and that ticket was bought in my home state of New York. Awesome. The winning numbers are 12,17,21,23,30 and Mega ball 24. Eleven tickets matched the first five numbers, but not the Mega ball. In California, one ticket is worth $333,535 (they  distribute […]

Ticket Alert: Someone in Florida is About to Loser $251,493 (So Check Your Tickets)

Someone who reads this blog religiously suggested to me that we should sometimes alert viewers to jackpots that are about to expire (and go back into the general fund of a state). We can’t let that happen. Y’know? The Florida Lottery announced today that a FANTASY 5® top-prize ticket worth $251,493.08 remains unclaimed. The 180-day […]

Top 5 Lottery Jackpots Worldwide

No one won the June 19 Powerball top prize, so the jackpot rolls to a sweet $97 million, the top jackpot in the world at the moment. Here are your top 5: 1. $97 million, Powerball, next draw June 23 2. $50 million, Canadian dollars ($49 million in USD), Lotto Max, next draw June 25 […]

Euro Millions U.K. Winner Treats Herself to a Peugeot

Extremely interesting story from my U.K. correspondent in London, so I thought I’d share it with you all. Short of perhaps a NASA-designed Lunar Rover, £12.4  million ($18.5 million in U.S. dollars) can buy just about any car on the planet, but for recent Euro Millions lottery winner Sharon Mather, a new Peugeot 207 is […]

Are You Holding a $36 Million-Winning Mega Millions Ticket?

Someone who bought a Mega Millions ticket at a Kalamazoo, Michigan, gas station is mega rich. According to a store owner (who should know because he gets a bonus for selling the ticket), a regular lottery customer of a gas station market in Kalamazoo, Mich., holds the winning Mega Millions ticket for a $36 million […]

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