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Top 5 Lottery Jackpots Around the World; Powerball Soars to $260 Million

There were no big winners (I mean, jackpot) in the May 29 Powerball draw so the jackpot soars up to $260 million. Cash option, $134.2 million. For a $1 ticket? Could happen. May 29 was the 11th consecutive drawing without a jackpot winner. Eleven tickets around the country matched the first five numbers for a $200,000 […]

Police Arrest Mafia Syndicate Mobsters, After Threatening Italian Lottery Winners

Unquesionably, this is one of the more interesting stories I’ve heard about lotteries. This, from a friend I have in Rome. Thirty Italian Lottery winners, who shared a $41 million (33 million euros) lottery jackpot win in 2008 were tracked down by the Camorra crime syndicate, and told to hand over their winnings. Or be […]

New York Mega Millions’ Ticket Hits $64,000,000 Jackpot

Well, it wasn’t me. But then, there is Powerball, at a tidy $190 million up for grabs on May 26. One ticket matched all six winning numbers in the May 25 Mega Millions drawing to win the estimated $64 million jackpot, according to lottery officials. The sump-sum cash value of the jackpot was $41.8 Million. The winning […]

U.K. Euro Millions Winner Remains Anonymous; But Somewhere, Some one Knows Who They Are….

Thanks to our British correspondents for sending us this news clip of Euro Millions latest big winners. Euro Millions, for all you Americans out there, is the equivalent of Mega Millions or Powerball. It’s played in six European countries and the drawing is every Friday night in Paris, France. Point is, there are lotteries everywhere […]

Lottery Jackpots Around the World: Top 5

Powerball’s jackpot has surged to $190 million after the May 22 draw produced NO top prize winner. Here are your top 5 jackpots, world-wide. 1. $190 million, Powerball, next draw May 26 2. $95 million, Lotto Texas, next draw May 26, tickets can be bought only in Texas 3. $64 million, Mega Millins, May 25 […]

Lotteries Around the World: Here are Your Top 5 Jackpots

No one picked up the Powerball jackpot ($145 million) on May 19, so the jackpot rolls on and is the largest jackpot currently ongoing in the world. Here are your top 5 jackpots: 1. $170 million, Powerball, next draw, May 22 2. $94 million, Lotto Texas, next draw, May 22 (tickets can only be bought […]

When Does 1 = 200,000? In Powerball, When You Put Down $1 and Match 5 of 6 (Only Missing the Power Ball) Numbers

“I play $1 at a time, that’s it, and I’ve only played Powerball a few times,” said Larry McCall, of Hanahan, South Carolina. His strategy paid off in a big way when five of his six Powerball numbers matched in Wednesday night’s, April 28th drawing earning him a $200,000 prize! McCall matched all 5 white […]

Rx for the Blues: How About a $1,000,000 Lottery Prize to Cure What Ails Ya?

A Tennille, Georgia, nurse had to check her vital signs after winning a plentiful Georgia Lottery prize. Ruth Ross, 51, won a $1 million top prize playing The Georgia Lottery’s Millionaire Mania instant game. “I was working, and I just happened to stop by the store where I bought the ticket,” Ross said. “There were […]

Top 5 Jackpots Around the World

Good morning from the U.S.A. There was no Powerball jackpot winner on May 16, so the big prize runs up to $145 million, the largest jackpot in the world at the moment. Here are your weekly top 5: 1. $145 million, Powerball, next draw is May 19 2. $93 million, Lotto Texas, next draw is […]

Minnesota Player Misses Mega Millions Jackpot by One Number; Still Takes Home $250,000

Rick Ferraro of Plymouth, Minnesota, says he enjoys playing for the “bigger jackpots.” Bet he enjoys it even more now that he’s won one. When he noticed that the Mega Millions jackpot was worth a whopping $266 million for the May 4 drawing, he knew he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to purchase some tickets. […]

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