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Euro Millions Winners of $89 Million (in U.S. Dollars) Tell Their Story

From our blogger pen pal, Tim Reynoldo, who lives in London… I took the liberty of taking Tim’s comments and translating them a bit so that American readers would understand. Apologies to my many U.K. readers. Anyway, says Tim, a Gloucestershire, UK couple are celebrating after shooting straight into first place in the National Lottery Rich […]

West Virginia Player Takes Home $200,000 Powerball Prize, Matches 5 of 6 Numbers

Jamie Simmons, of Granville, West Virginia, wishes that he had Power Played his bet, because then…the $200,000 he won on April 7 would have been $1 million instead. “I didn’t know anything about Power Play, so have never paid the extra dollar . . . $800,000 later, I’ve learned the lesson. . . I’ll sure […]

Top 5 Jackpots Around The World

Well…with the Missouri player winning the $252 million Powerball jackpot last week, the big prize reset at $20 (which no one won on April 25). Here are the top 5 jackpots in the world, as of April 26: 1. $191 Mega Millions, next draw is April 27 2. $80 million, Lotto Texas, next draw is […]

Ouch! British Lottery Winner Throws Away $153,000 Winning Ticket (And Loses Wife Too)

This, from our British correspondent, Nigel Owens, who lives in London and loves to play the UK Lottery and Euro Millions. He writes: A British postal worker said his marriage ended and he has become a laughing stock at work because he threw away a $153,000 scratch-off lottery ticket. Cemal Celikkanat, 38, a driver for […]

$258.5 Million Powerball Jackpot Won in Missouri

One VERY lucky ticket in Missouri (1) matched all 6 numbers in the Wednesday, April 21st drawing and won the $258.5 million jackpot. The holder(s) of the winning ticket will now have to decide to either take the 29-year, 30-installment annuity, or the one time cash “lump sum” amount of $124,875,122. Other big winners included […]

Oh, Canada! Convenience Store Owner Guilty of Stealing $5 Million-Winning Lottery Ticket

Justice. A Toronto convenience store owner who stole a canadian lottery ticket worth about $5.75 million from a customer has been found guilty and will be sentenced in June. He scammed a woman named Lorraine Teicht by saying her Lotto 6-49 ticket wasn’t a winner. In fact, it won the jackpot and Malik waited seven […]

Jackpots Exploding, World-Wide; Powerball Up to $252 Million, Mega Millions at $143 Million

Here are the top five jackpots around the world. Right now, we have some massive jackpots in play. 1. $252 million, Powerball, next draw April 21 2. $143 million, Mega Millions, next draw April 20 3. $80 million, Lotto Texas, next draw (in Texas only), April 21 4. 44 million euros ($59.4 million U.S. dollars), […]

Retired Atlanta, Georgia Fire Chief Wins $231,000 on Tax Day (How’s That for Irony?)

A retired Atlanta fire chief has collected a load in lottery winnings on Tax Day. Marquis Mitchell, who retired in 1998 as city of Atlanta fire chief, won a $231,812 jackpot prize from matching all five winning numbers in the April 15 Georgia Fantasy 5 drawing. “I feel good,” said Mitchell, 59. Yeah. I should […]

Jackpots Through the Roof: Powerball Jackpot Tops $200 Million; Mega Millions at $122 Million

Jackpots are soaring in America. Both Multi-state lotteries are soaring after this week’s draw. Powerball is now at $212 million, with the next draw on April 17. Mega Millions is offering up a $122 million jackpot on April 16. I play both games. What do you do? We’ll keep a close eye on both games…and […]

Jackpots Rising Around the World: Powerball Tops at $175 Million

No one won the April 10 Powerball jackpot (no wonder, did you see those numbers: 21,22,49,52,58 and PB 34), so the big prize rolls to $175 million. Here are the top five jackpots around the world: 1. $175 million, Powerball, next drawing April 14 2. $105 million, Mega Millions, April 13 3. $77 million, Lotto […]

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