Winning the lottery is just the beginning

Texas Department of Transportation Workers Drive Away with $250,000 Mega Millions Money

Ya hoo, dudes. This is what lottery pools are all about. Seven friends, all of whom work at the Texas DOT (in Early, Texas) won $250,000 playing Mega Millions, when they matched 5 of 6 numbers on Mar. 23. Spokesperson Micah Shaw said he, Larry Skaggs, Jay Green, Brad Swenson, John Finnlay, Margie Poe and […]

Top 10 Jackpots Around the World

Here are the top 10 jackpots around the world: 1. $81 million, Powerball, next draw: Mar. 31 2. $68 million, Lotto Texas, next draw, Mar. 31 3. $51 million, Mega Millions, Mar. 30 4. $38 million, Florida Lotto, Mar. 31 5. $34 million, California’s SuperLotto Plus, Mar. 31 6. 15 million euros ($20.1 million, U.S.D.) […]

Kansas and K-State May Have Not Won the NCAA Basketball Tournament, But They Sure Can be Proud of These Winners

According to Chris Jorn, he likes to play Powerball when the jackpot reaches at least $75 million. Since the Powerball jackpot for a recent Saturday night’s drawing was up to $95 million, he decided to purchase a $5 Quick Pick ticket. Later that night while on the Lottery’s website, the Derby, Kansas  resident discovered he’d […]

Virginia Teacher Moves to the Head of the Class, Wins Twice X $100,000

Jean Rodriguez of Virginia Beach won twice in the same Virginia Cash 5 drawing. How did she do it? The same five numbers were on two tickets she had purchased; she won $100,000 on each ticket when her numbers matched the five numbers that were drawn. She redeemed the first ticket shortly after that November […]

New Millionaires Plan to Keep On Working; Oh Really?

Two New York Lottery millionaires in upstate New York said they are going to keep on working. Really? As reported by the Syracuse media, Susan Kot, 50, of Kirkville, NY (in photo, left) has been buying lottery tickets for the past 24 years, but this time she scratched off a $1 million winner. And man, […]

Missouri Woman Wins $200,000

Scharlene Elms of Eldon is a busy woman. She spends her weeks working at Walmart and just about every Saturday night making music at the Ozark Hills Theater in Lebanon. She was on her way to the Prater Country Music Show on Feb. 6 and decided at the last minute to stick to her routine […]

Daughter of Lottery Winner Tells All

I am always asking y’all out there to write and tell me stories about people you know who have won or play. I get those letters and I thank you. I want to share a note someone sent me about a recent posting of mine.  It is not a pleasant letter… but it does reveal […]

Three Months After His Divorce Becomes Official, British Bus Driver Wins $3.5 Million

Funny story. About three weeks after his divorce was finalized (they had stayed together for the sake of their child)… a British bus driver hit it big. His former wife didn’t seem upset. After all, when the divorce came through, she had wished him good luck. Good luck came to him in three months. Just […]

Top 8 Lottery Jackpots Around the World (So if You’re Traveling to…..)

Here are the top jackpots currently in play around the world, so if you happen to be in England, France, Spain, Belgium, Canada, Texas… you might want to play. 1. $62 million, Lotto Texas, next draw is Mar. 20 2. $41 million in Canadian dollars ($40.6 million USD), Canada Lotto, 6/49, Mar. 20 3. 29 […]

Where, Oh Where, is That $212 Million Powerball Winner? [Somewhere in New Jersey]

See those folks above? They sold a winning $212 million Powerball lottery ticket to someone. If they know who it is, they ain’t talking. Someone who bought a Powerball lottery ticket last week at Gene’s II Deli in Morris Township, New Jersey, is a very rich person, but the winner of the $211.7 million jackpot has […]

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