Winning the lottery is just the beginning

The Day is Finally Here: Beginning Tuesday, Mega Millions AND Powerball Offered in 33 Jurisdictions (including Washington D.C.)

It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been talking for years about this: why shouldn’t people who live in Powerball states also be able to play Mega Millions? Instead, I’ve had to drive from Philly to New Jersey to play Mega Millions. [Granted, for me, it’s not a long drive…but it is somewhat inconvenient for […]

A Ticket to Ride? 76 Year-Old British Cabbie Drives Away with 26 Million ($37 Million in U.S. Dollars) Euro Millions Prize

He insists he won’t give up his day job. That’s right. England’s latest Euro Millions lottery millionaire is a taxi driver named George Sturt, 76, of Dorking in Surrey and he told the British press that despite his Euro Millions win of 26 million euros (about $37 million in USD), he won’t give up his […]

“If I hadn’t Had a Heart Attack, I Wouldn’t Have Won $379,397 Lottery Prize,” said Minnesota Player

I love this story. And it shows you how weird things happen when you play the lottery. Minnesota native Ken Olson won a Gopher 5 jackpot for the second time and he’s convinced he’s going to do it again. “I’m going to win the Lottery at least three times in my lifetime,” Olson explained as […]

An Easy (5) Win? 21-Year Old Louisiana Man Claims $85,805 Prize

It sure has been a good year, so far, for Travis Barnes of Napoleonville, Louisiana. Barnes had always told his mother that she was dreaming when she would fantasize aloud about what she could do if she won the Lottery. They are doing more than dreaming now that the 21-year-old won the $85,805 Easy 5 […]

UK Euro Millions Winners Celebrate $42 Million (in USD) Jackpot Win

The Sturt Family from Dorking, UK are celebrating after leaping into fourth place in the National Lottery Rich List. The four members of the family syndicate won half of the EuroMillions jackpot in the draw on Friday Jan. 15, to bank a stunning £26,151,124.20. That’s about $42 million in USD. Father George, 75, and his […]

Mega Millions Jackpot Soars to $121 Million; Powerball at $65 Million; Euro Millions Rolls Over to 28 Million Euros ($39.6 Million USD)

There were no jackpot winners in the Jan. 22 Mega Millions game so the top prize rolls over to a VERY attractive $121 million. Helluva way to start the new year, by winning that, eh? The Jan. 22 numbers are: 8,13,27,28,52 and Mega ball 9. 9 tickets matched the first five numbers (but not the […]

Twice is Very, Very Nice. Maryland Player Who Won $250,000 at End of 2009, Wins $30,000 23 Days Later, Playing Keno

Oakland, Maryland  resident Kevin Louie ended 2009 with a bang when he won a $250,000 King Size Cash scratch-off top prize. He never imagined he would be back to Lottery Headquarters only 23 days later to claim a $30,000 Keno prize. “It’s really hard to believe,” said the 51-year-old. “Oakland is a small town so […]

Lottery a la Carte: $150,000 lottery win adds spice for aspiring chef

A $150,000 lottery win has added extra spice to one Cumming, Georgia man’s dreams. Tyler Parker, an aspiring chef, won a $150,000 top prize playing the Georgia Lottery instant game Giant Jumbo Bucks. “My jaw still hurts from smiling so much,” he said. Well, duh. The 20-year-old hopes to follow in his father’s footsteps and […]

Share and Share Alike, Kansas and Iowa Players Split Scratch Game Prizes

An Iowa Lottery player has won a $500,000 cash prize in an instant scratch game offered jointly by the Kansas and Iowa lotteries. Kim Hertel of Washington, Ia., was drawn as the winner of $500,000 in the “Midwest Millions” drawing conducted Friday, January 15 at West Ridge Mall in Topeka. While a Kansas Lottery player […]

“Hot” Winner in New Mexico, Wins $100,000 Playing “Chile Cash” Scratch Game

I’ve got a hot place for y’all to play the lottery. Rio Rancho, New Mexico. How’s that? Rio Rancho resident Shanon Alexander won $100,000 recently, playing the New Mexico Lottery’s “$100,000 Chile Cash” Scratcher. The $10 ticket was a gift from her boyfriend and Alexander plans to follow his generous lead by sharing some of […]

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