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Powerball Rolls Over to $45 Million; Lotto Texas Also at $45 Million

There was no jackpot winner in the Aug. 29 Powerball game so the big prize rolls over to $45 million. The winning numbers in the Aug. 29 game are 1,20,37,52,53 and the Power ball is 33. The Power Play multiplier is 3. 5 tickets matched 5 of 6, missing only the Power ball. 2 of […]

Mega Millions $333 Million Jackpot Hit by Two Tickets; Each to Get $166.5 Million

Two tickets, bought in San Gabriel, California, and the Bronx, New York, hit the $333 million Aug. 28 Mega Millions jackpot, so they each will get $166.5 million. Not bad for a $1 ticket. We’ll let you know who won as soon as they come forward to get their money. The winning numbers are 1,17,31,37, […]

The Wisdom of Solomon: $259 Million Powerball Winner Steps Forward

The new lottery math: When does 2 = 259,000,000? When you’re Solomon Jackson, of South Carolina, and your $2 Powerball ticket yields a $259 million jackpot. Jackson is a retired South Carolina government employee (Department of Revenue, no less), and he was all smiles when he claimed his jackpot this week. “For once in my […]

Mega Millions Jackpot Nearing Record Level, at $325 Million

No one won the jackpot for the Aug. 25 Mega Millions game so the big prize rolls over AGAIN, this time to $325 million, a near record level. If you live in or near one of the Mega Millions states, get thee to a lottery retailer. For one dollar you could… oh, you know! The […]

Connecticut Powerball Player Wins $1 Million; Mega Millions Jackpot Sitting at $252 Million

There was no Powerball jackpot winner on Aug. 22, so the jackpot rises to $25 million on Aug. 26. But one lucky player picked 5 of 6 numbers AND Power Played their bet. That means the ticket is worth $1 million. The winning numbers on Aug. 22 are 3,6,20,32, 51 and Power ball 23. The […]

Mega Millions Jackpot Keeps Getting Higher, Now at $252 Million; Two Winning Euro Millions Tickets Each Win 37.6 Million Euros

Somewhere in Europe there are two very happy Euro Millions ticket holders, each ticket worth 37.6 million euros. But in the U.S., the Mega Millions jackpot has exploded to $252 million. The Aug. 21 Mega Millions jackpot draw did not produce a big winner so the top prize rolls to $252 million. The winning Aug. […]

Powerball $250 Million Jackpot Won by South Carolina Lottery Ticket Holder

It’s the best day in the life of whomever owns a $250 million Powerball Lottery ticket in South Carolina. The winning numbers for the Aug. 19 draw are 14,24,31,43,51 and Power ball 27. The Power Play multiplier is 5. 17 tickets matched five of six numbers, missing only the Power ball. Close….. The Aug. 22 […]

$718,306 Louisiana Lottery Winner Nearly Threw Ticket Away

Before Katie Engolia’s husband threw their non-winnning Lottery tickets away, he decided to sift through them one more time. That’s when he noticed that one ticket had stuck to the back of another. Following his instincts proved worthwhile, since this particular ticket matched the winning numbers from the Aug. 1 Lotto drawing, winning the $718,306 […]

Powerball Jackpot Soars to $245 Million, Highest Since March 2008 (When It Was $276 Million)

Powerball is approaching stratospheric levels after no one won the $213 million Aug. 15 jackpot. The Aug. 19 Powerball jackpot is an estimated $245 million. The Aug. 15 winning numbers are 14,15,26,32,36 and the Power ball was 12. The Power Play multiplier is 5. Only 5 tickets in the country matched 5 of 6 numbers. […]

Lottery Jackpots in the Stratosphere: Powerball, $213 Million, Mega Millions, $170 Million, Euro Millions, $105.8 Million (in U.S. Dollars)

The world is awash in lottery money. It’s there for the taking. Some lucky people are going to be very rich. There was no big winner in the Aug. 14 Mega Millions game. The winning numbers are 8,22,25,33,35 and the Mega ball 46. 23 lucky ticket holders picked 5 of 6. 20 of those win […]

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