Winning the lottery is just the beginning

Maryland Lottery Player Almost Throws Out Her Fiance’s $10,000-Winning Ticket

Rico Abrew’s fiance was cleaning out his car recently, when she asked him if the Maryland Lottery scratch off ticket sitting on the front seat was a winner. She had no idea the ticket she was about to throw away was worth $10,000.  “I didn’t think we had a winning ticket,” she said.  “I had […]

Drive, She Said: Florida Lottery Second-Chance Winner Takes Home a Ford Mustang V6 Convertible

It began as the ultimate Florida baseball weekend. And ended with a woman winning a Mustang convertible. Remember how a few weeks ago, I talked about second-chance drawings and the better odds when you participate in those contests? Well, a few days ago, Florida announced the results of the final contest in their Mustang Money […]

Connecticut Powerball Winner Hits for $25 Million

Some lucky ticket holder in the Nutmeg state woke up on June 28 a very rich person. The winning Power ball numbers are 18,22,26,39,48 and the Power ball is 17. The Power Play multiplier is 4. 3 tickets around the country matched the first five numbers and those tickets are each worth $200,000. Those tickets […]

$100,000 Maryland Lottery Scratch-Game Winner is a U. of Maryland Student

Being late to work paid off for Susana Sagastizado. The 21 year old overslept, missed her bus to work and somehow…this led to her winning $100,000. Not that we’re advising you to be late for work…but it sure worked out for Sagastizado. She is employed at an optomitrist’s office. And lives in Silver Springs, Maryland. […]

Laredo, Texas Player Wins $10,000 Per Month, for Next 20 Years

The most popular scratch games around the nation are Win for Life games. Who isn’t attracted to the idea of a steady stream of cash coming in the mail every month. Virtually every state has some kind of scratch game like this. And states like Connecticut, in fact, even have something called Lucky-4-Life where you […]

Twice is Nice: Lucky Georgia Lottery Player Wins $1,000 and then $777,777 in Consecutive Weeks

Talk about a run of luck (we should all be so lucky)…. Meet Mr. Earl Fritz, 62, of Augusta, Ga. One week he wins $1,000 playing the scratch game “Extreme Green.” Then, one week later, it’s back to scratching…and he won $777,777 playing “Super 7s.” “I felt lucky last week when I cashe in a […]

Lottery Jackpot Winners Celebrate in North Carolina, Portugal

There have been TWO big jackpot winners over this past weekend. On June 19, in Paris… the Euro Millions draw produced one 15 million euros winner, with the ticket bought in Portugal. The winning numbers are 4,16,17,20,29 and the two lucky stars are 5,7. 7 tickets hit five numbers and ONE lucky star. Those tickets […]

Florida Woman Has a “Spectacular” Moment, Wins $1,000,000

Mercedes Marriot, 56, of Orlando, Fla., had the kind of experience I’ll bet all of us would like to have. You play your favorite scratch game. You begin to scratch. And scratch. And you see you’ve won a little. A few zeros after the one. Then, more zeros. And suddenly, you are a millionaire. That’s […]

Luck Runs in this Family: Georgia Husband Hits Scratch Game $5,000 Prize; One Week Later, Wife Wins $1 Million

A Georgia couple has won big time jackpots in consecutive weeks, proving (I guess) that luck does run in families. One week after her husband, Chuck, netted a $5,000 lottery win, Karen Hill plucked her own $1 million prize playing the Georgia Lottery instant game, World Class Millionaire. First, I’ve gotta tell you. It’s a […]

History for Sale: New Hampshire’s First Lottery Ticket, Circa: 1964, Goes On Auction Block

For those of you who’ve read the history section of my book, this won’t come as a surprise. Colonial America was, in part, financed by legitimate lotteries. From the original settlers in Jamestown, Va. through the revolutionary years and beyond, money was raised for schools, roads, etc by lotteries. It was only when graft and […]

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