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Relief From the Flood Comes in the Form of a $100,000 Lottery Win

After losing everything last year in a flood,Martinsville, Indiana, resident Patricia Huber is getting a second chance, thanks to the Hoosier Lottery. Huber recently claimed a $100,000 prize on the new Hoosier Lottery game, “$100,000 Double Play,” a Scratch-off and Pull-Tab all in one game. “I lost everything a year ago in the flood,” said […]

$36 Million Mega Millions Winning Ticket Bought in New York; Euro Millions Jackpot Rolls to 43 Million Euros ($60.8 Million, U.S.)

There was one winning ticket in the May 29 Mega Millions game and that ticket was bought in New York. The winning numbers are 23,30,36,39,48 and Mega ball 34. 4 tickets matched the first five numbers and each of those tickets is worth $250,000. They were purchased in Massachusetts, New York, Texas and Virginia. The […]

South Dakota Player Wins $222 Million Powerball Jackpot

Someone in South Dakota is an extremely lucky person. One ticket holder in that state picked all six numbers correctly in the May 27 Powerball game and has won $222 million. The winning numbers are 5,6,12,16,21 and Power ball 7. The Power Play multiplier is 3. I think I won $9. Oh well. Big hurrah […]

Canada’s Lucky 13 Lottery Pool Win $49.9 Million (Canadian Dollars)

How convenient it is to win a lottery when you’re already in the financial sector. And so it was when Canada’s 13 newest millionaires – winners of a $49.9 million Canada Lotto 6/49 jackpot – were introduced in Edmonton recently. The winners were 11 women and two men. They work in human resources at ATB […]

Lottery Jackpot’s Top 10: Spanning The Globe

Here are the top 10 jackpots (in dollars) world-wide and the dates of the next drawings. Wherever you are … good luck. 1. $222 Powerball, next game May 27 2. 28 million euros ($39.1 million U.S.), Euro Millions, May 29 3. $25 million, Mega Millions, May 26 4. $24.4 million, Ohio Classic Lotto, May 25 […]

$222 Million Powerball Jackpot in Play on May 27

Holy Cow! The Powerball jackpot is skyrocketing to record heights (still a way to go to match the $365 million record amount, though)…. No one won the May 23 jackpot so it rolls to $222 million. Powerball fever officially begins. The winning May 23 numbers are 19,23,34,52,57 and the Power ball is 21. The Power […]

Special Delivery: Virginia Postman Wins $150,000

Joseph Bailey of Alexandria was watching television with his wife when he decided to check the winning numbers in that evening’s Virginia Lottery Cash 5 drawing. His wife read the numbers to him and they sounded VERY familiar. “Say that again!” he said. So she read the numbers a second time. “They’re mine, baby! They’re […]

Taking Command, Pennsylvanian Wins $350,000 Playing Cash5

I love hearing stories like this. Dude works at a Red Cross, helping people in need. Then, he hits the lottery. Here is the story, courtesy of the Pennsylvania Lottery: Who knew ‘pocket change’ could turn into $350,000?  Mike Commander found out soon after his quick-pick CASH 5 Lottery ticket turned out to be a […]

Spanning the Globe: Top World-Wide Lottery Jackpots

Here are the top 6 jackpots in the world…so if you happen to be in these locations, you might want to play. 1. $170 million, Powerball, next game May 20 2. $49 million in Canadian dollars ($41.6 million U.S.), Canada Lotto 6/49, May 20 3. $23.6 million, Ohio Classic Lotto, May 18 4. 15 million […]

Powerball Alert: Jackpot Now at $170 Million

There was no jackpot winner in the May 16 Powerball game so the big prize rolls over to $170 million. The winning May 16 numbers are: 6,7,31,40,56 and the Power ball is 38. The Power Play multiplier is 2. 7 tickets matched the first five numbers, but not the Power ball. They were bought in […]

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