Winning the lottery is just the beginning

Kansas Woman Has Beginner’s Luck, Wins $20,000

Those of us who have been playing the lottery for years…doesn’t it just freak you out when you hear that someone playing for the first time (or so they say) wins a big jackpot. I mean, how many thousands of times have YOU played? I’m not bitter mind you. I think it’s kind of cool […]

Powerball Jackpot Tops the $100 Million Mark: $109 Million in Play on April Fool’s Day

It will be no April Fool’s joke on Wednesday when a Powerball jackpot of $109 million is offered in the game. No one won the Mar. 28 Jackpot of $94 million. The winning numbers are 2,3,16,41,48 and the Power ball is 19. 1 ticket in Washington D.C. (I used to work for that lottery) hit […]

Jackpots Around the World, Rising; Powerball the biggest at $94 Million

The Mar. 28 Powerball jackpot is a hefty $94 million. The Mar. 27 Mega Millions jackpot did not produce a top winner so the jackpot rolls to $43 million on Tuesday, Mar. 31. There were 7 tickets that matched 5 of 5 but not the Mega ball. Six tickets won $250,000 each. Those were bought […]

We Welcome You to the Club: Arkansas Governor Signs Lottery Bill into Law. The State Becomes 43rd to Have a Lottery

Arkansas. All you dudes who would go to Texas or Oklahoma to play the lottery…. soon you’ll have your own lottery. Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe signed identical House and Senate bills into law this week, creating an Arkansas “educational” Lottery that will fund scholarships to Arkansas college students. “You could look at this as Arkansas […]

Powerball Jackpot Skyrockets to $94 Million on Mar. 28

There was no jackpot winner in the Mar. 25 Powerball game so the top prize rolls to a pretty hefty $94 million. The winning Mar. 25 numbers are: 10,20,23,47,54 and the Power ball is 26. The Power Play multiplier is 2. I played and won $4, picking the Power ball and one number (47). 3 […]

Who Plays the Lottery in North Carolina? Obviously, Everyone.

To those who would say that only the “poor” play the lottery, I would cite statistics recently uncovered by the Charlotte Observer in North Carolina… the heart of the Bible Belt. Not only do more than half the adults in the state play the lottery (at least once a year)…but the survey found the statistics […]

It’s All About the Green: Georgia Landscaper is in Full Bloom After Winning $1 Million

David Horvat, 45, a self-employed landscaper from Alpharetta, Georgia, not only knows how to make his garden grown, but his bank account as well. One way is to win $1 million, which is exactly what he did recently playing the Georgia Lottery’s Cash Explosion instant game. Just so you know where the “lucky” store is, […]

New York Lottery Player’s Dreams Come True, Thanks to a $1 Million Scratch-off Ticket Win

Albion native Brittanie DeClerck dreams of owning her own pet shop someday; a dream she now wants to make real with part of the $1,000,000 top prize she won on an Emerald 8s scratch off ticket from the New York Lottery. The 19-year-old former dog groomer said she looks forward to seeing her dream come […]

Weekend Lottery Update: Powerball Jackpot Zooms to $81 Million

There was no jackpot winner in the Mar. 21 Powerball game so the Wednesday night, Mar. 25 Powerball jackpot skyrockets to $81 million, by far, the largest jackpot currently in play in the world. The winning numbers on Mar. 21 are 19,23,27,49,52 and the Power ball is 21. The Power Play multiplier is 4. 3 […]

It Pays To Read Newspapers: A Lucky English Couple Find Out they are National Lottery Winners

This is a pretty cool story that came out of London’s Evening Telegraph newspaper. Two lucky UK players scooped a six-figure prize in the National Lottery – after reading about a search for missing winners in their local newspaper. Chris and Janet Gaff, who live near Holbeach, were completely unaware they had matched five lottery […]

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